The Beginning

Liv is excited about getting her first case and getting to work with the good-looking and mysterious Detective James, but Liv soon realizes that to be a detective you have to give up everything. Is it worth it?


1. Chapter 1

"Are you Liv Johnson?"  asked a man with grey hair.

"Yes."  I said, extending my hand.  He shook it.

"I'm Chief Thomas, you're partner should be coming in here soon."

This was probably the best thing that has ever happened to me.  All I've ever wanted to do was help people and by becoming a detective I could do that.

"You wanted to see me, Chief?"  asked a young man, probably no older than me.  What struck me was good-looking this guy was.  He had dark hair and dark blue eyes.  He had a slight build and was up to about six feet in height.

"Yes, this is Liv Johnson.  She'll be your new partner.  Detective Johnson, this is Henry James."  said Chief.

"Nice to meet you."  I said, shaking his hand.

"Nice to meet you too.  You're going to have some pretty big shoes to fill now that Detective Miller is gone."  he said.

"I hope I can fill those shoes."  I said.

"I'm sure you'll do fine."  he said, giving me a reassuring smile.

"James, why don't you show Johnson her desk and talk to her about the case we've been working on."  said Chief Thomas.

"Right, come with me."  he said.

I walked out of the office and out to a small desk.

"This was Miller's desk."  he said.

"Were you and Detective Miller close?"  I asked.

"She was my first partner.  She taught me everything I know." 

"Why did she retire?"  I asked.

"She'd been doing this for almost twenty years and all the cruel stuff she's seen, just got to her."

"I'm sorry."  I said.

"That's just how it is sometimes."  

"So what's this case you've been working on?"  I asked, walking over to the board with pictures on it.

"We've got four victims, all different genders and races."  he said.

"How do you know that it's the same guy?"  I asked.

"It's how he killed the victims.  All four were strangled with telephone wire.  They were all also attached in their homes and dumped somewhere else."

"Anything else?"  I asked.

"He always leaves a note on the victim.  He's trying to taunt us, it's all a game for him."  said Henry, disgusted.

"So I take it their are no suspects?"

"No, not yet."

"Well, this guy must not be very strong or have a lot of confidence."  I said.

"How do you know that?"

"Look it all the victims.  None of them would be able to fight back.  Also all were in their pajamas, so they must have been asleep when it happened, or were getting ready to go to sleep."

"Wow, you got that from the photos, maybe you are our best chance of catching this guy."  said Henry, impressed.

"Let's just hope we can catch him before he kills some else."  I said.

"It's too late for that."  said Chief Thomas from behind us.

"Did he kill someone else?"  I asked, turning around.

"Yes, and this one was a sixteen year old girl.  A bar tender found her in the alley next the bar.  She was strangled just like the others."  he said.

"Do you want us to go down there?"  asked Henry.

"Yes, see if you can find anything down there."  said Chief Thomas.

"You up for it?"  Henry asked me.

"Yeah, let's go."  I said.


"She's not in her pajamas."  I said, walking up to the body of the young girl.

"Yeah, looks like he attacked her somewhere from around here."  said Henry, looking around.

"So where did she come from?"  I wondered.

"I don't know.  They said that they didn't find anything on her."  said Henry.

"Not even a wallet or purse?"  I asked.

"Nothing.  Which is weird, because she doesn't look like she belongs here."  he said.

"Why don't we go ask the bartender to see if he remembered anything else."  I said.

"He's inside."  said Henry.

We walked inside the bar and saw an older man with grey hair sitting at the counter.

"Excuse me, we'd like to ask you some questions."  I said, walking up to him.

"Why?  I told those guys everything I know."  he said, upset that we were still here.

"This won't take long.  I was just wondering did you see anyone around her when you came out?"  I asked.

"No, no one was there."

"Was there anything on her when you found her?"

"Like what?"

"A purse or wallet?"  I asked.

"No."  he said.

"So where did you get that?"  asked Henry, pointing at a little white purse behind the counter.

Before the man could say anything, Henry was jumping over the counter and grabbing the purse.

"Hey, that's my private property."  he said.

"Actually, that's evidence.  And since you have it that makes us think you had something to do with it."

"I did not kill that girl.  I just found  it."  said the bartender, panicking.

"Did you find it with that girl?"  I asked.

"It's not like she needs it, she's dead."  he said.

"Yeah and you're not going to need it either, because you're under arrest."  I said, getting out my handcuffs.

"What? Why?  I told you I did nothing."  he said as I cuffed him.

"You're under arrest for the obstruction of a crime scene."  I said, taking him out of the bar.


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