Your my everything

Y/n's best friend luke Hemmings is the best thing that ever happened to her! He's there for her each an everyday. She also has a secret that she couldn't tell luke because it would ruin their friendship. Lukes bitch of a girl friend knows something's up. What will she do?


3. sorry I haven't been updating in a while😭 hope you like this

Your pov:

It's been 2 weeks since iv seen Luke and I needed him. I miss him. If I kissed him or not he's my bestfried. I'm bullied at school and he sticks up for me. I had to forget him for now. It's now Friday and I'm just after getting up. I put on black skinny jeans, a nirvana tee, a red and black check shirt and my black converse.i was running late so I grabbed a pop tart and left for the 5 minute walk to school. When I walked past lukes house I saw him walking out an locking his door. I just walked faster and he didn't see me. Why does he have to be so cute? When I got to school I saw my bully Amy walk up to me..... She was Also lukes girlfriend... I never told luke because it would make him sad to think of that and I would ruin his relationship... But when she was walking up to me I knew something bad would happen because her face had a death glare...she then pinned me to the wall and said "I heard you were 'cutting' just to get lukes attention?" As she pulled up my selves to reveal the scars. "I would go near Luke. He's my bestfriend that's it!" I spat. I then thought I shouldn't have done that because she started to hit and kick me. "Fuck off you bitch" I spat. I kicked her to get her off me but she was so strong. Then I couldn't take it and I fell to the ground. Blood running down my head and blood stains now on my shirt. But she didn't stop she kept going. "HEY GET OFF HER!!!" I heard a voice shout. "Y/n?" It was Luke. "Luke?" "Yeah I'm here!" Then Luke turned around and he was shocked at what he saw "a-Amy?" He shouted "Luke I can explain" she squealed. "No you fucking can't! " he said picking me up and walking his car. "Why didn't you tell me?" He cried "I-I didn't want t-to ruin your relationships because of something stupid like me!" I stuttered "y/n this is not stupid! I thought you were dead!l" he cried kissing my forehead.

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