Your my everything

Y/n's best friend luke Hemmings is the best thing that ever happened to her! He's there for her each an everyday. She also has a secret that she couldn't tell luke because it would ruin their friendship. Lukes bitch of a girl friend knows something's up. What will she do?


2. hope you guys like this fan fiction💕 be updating more🌸

When we had stopped crying Luke laid me on my bed and he then joined me. I cuddled into his chest (in a friend way) and watched Netflix. "Tell me why" he whispered into my ear in a very serious tone. "Luke, why do you care so much? Your my bestfriend and I love you but do I have to tell you?" I said looking straight into his eyes. "Do you want to know? Well you just said that I'm your bestfriend and you love me, do you ever think that I love you all the same!" He half smiled. Luke had a girlfriend and I knew that but I swear I wouldn't care if I smashed my lips into his. I didn't though because well why would I? But then he started to lean in... Our eyes were still locked together and then our lips touched. His lips were so soft. I loved how our lips moved in sync. It was perfect! Then he pulled away fast realising what he had just done. But said "whow" "I know" I replied. "I Um I better go" he said but I felt the tears. I managed to say "yeah no problem bye Luke" "bye y/n" and he left

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