Your my everything

Y/n's best friend luke Hemmings is the best thing that ever happened to her! He's there for her each an everyday. She also has a secret that she couldn't tell luke because it would ruin their friendship. Lukes bitch of a girl friend knows something's up. What will she do?


1. chapter 1.

I was sitting on my bed chatting with my best friend luke hemmings. Were so lazy. It was a beautiful day and we were just lying on my bed! I was staring into his eyes as he told me about his new girlfriend. "She's so nice y/n she's so different to every other girl and prettier to!" He smirked "well thank you..." I said as my smile quickly faded. "No y/n you know I mean other girls. Your pretty. Just not my type you know?" He said trying to be nice but it wasn't working. I just turned and felt the tears coming! Iv had the biggest crush on Luke but never had the courage to tell him. "Um I'm just going to the bathroom" I fake smiled. And when I got there I opened the press and picked up my blade. Yes I cut. How can't i? My bestfriend that I have the biggest crush on just said I'm not his type. I then cut my arm not that that deep but it still hurt. I then lost all control of my tears and dropped the blade and started crying a lot. I slided the blade under the mat so luke wouldn't see. But he sure as he'll heard me! "Y/n?" He shouted as he ran to the bathroom. I then just ran out as I couldn't take it anymore and just hugged him. "I'm sorry I got angry like" I cried into his shirt "ah y/n don't cry it was my fault and your beautiful. I then just let go and said "really?" "Of course!" And that's when he saw the blood on his shirt. It wasn't a lot but it was noticeable. "What the fuck is this?" He said sounding terrified. "Luke I- I cut" I cried "you what why?" He said now with tears in his eyes! "I-I can't tell you!" I said standing back. "You, you can't tell me? Why can't you?" He said now angry. "Luke there's just some things that I have to keep in here!" I said pointing to my head. "You were just in the bathroom cutting yourself y/n! How the fuck is that keeping it in your little head!" He cried with tears falling down his eyes. "Just leave!" I said. I was too upset to talk "no fucking way I'm staying here with you" I just had to hug him. By now he had a bandage around my arm.

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