My fave quotes...

My fave quotes from anywhere. If you like quotes, then I have a lot for you. They reflect my moods from day to day as I update. There are too many in the world, so there isn't going to be all of them. These are just my favorites. Enjoy!


18. Regret.

In life we have secrets, things we regret, dreams we can't reach, and a love we can't forget. 

Soon, you're gonna regret that you didn't take me when you had a chance, and you'll regret that you ever hurt me. You will regret the pain you caused me, and it will take place when you finally feel my pain. I promise you this. 

You'll regret it. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But, soon and for the rest of your life. 

Maybe one day I'll be what you need. But, don't wait too long. That day you need me may be the day I've finally given up. 

Okay, these are good, but I'm getting depressed. Let's get some happier ones in the next few chapters! Who's with me?

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