My fave quotes...

My fave quotes from anywhere. If you like quotes, then I have a lot for you. They reflect my moods from day to day as I update. There are too many in the world, so there isn't going to be all of them. These are just my favorites. Enjoy!


14. Lana Del Rey quotes.

I have a personal ambition to live my life honestly, and honor the true love I've had and the people I've had around me. I want to stay hopeful even though I get scared about why we're alive at all. -Lana Del Rey. 

Distance sometimes reminds you who's worth keeping and who's worth letting go. 

Live fast. Die young. Be wild. Have fun. 

What other people think of me is none of my business. Sometimes it hurts my feelings, but I have to keep going. 

When someone else's happiness is your happiness, that is love. 

Sometimes love is not enough. The road gets tough, and I don't know why. 

I will love you til the end of time. 

You and I were born to die. 

I think I'll miss you forever, like the stars miss the sun in the morning skies. 


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