My fave quotes...

My fave quotes from anywhere. If you like quotes, then I have a lot for you. They reflect my moods from day to day as I update. There are too many in the world, so there isn't going to be all of them. These are just my favorites. Enjoy!


15. Hurt.

"I wish I never had my hopes high for you. I wish I never kept trying, and trying knowing that I would just go through the same thing. Because in the end, it isn't you that gets hurt. It's me."

"A woman with trust issues is the woman that has heard, "I'll never hurt you, I promise." with actions that said otherwise, too many times."

"You can hurt me with the truth, but don't ever try to comfort me with your lies."

"When it hurts so much that you can't breathe; that's when you know that you're still alive."

"I hope you realize how much you're hurting me, someday."

"Not all scars show. Not all wounds heal. Sometimes you can't see the pain someone else feels."

"Nothing hurts more than realizing he meant everything to you, and you meant nothing to him." 

"Sweet as sugar. Hard as ice. Hurt me once, I'll kill you twice."

"You hurt me more than I deserve, why are you so cruel? I love you more than you deserve, why am I such a fool?" 

"Sometimes you keep someone who hurt you. It's because the happiness they bring is more than the pain they cause."

"I'm going to smile like nothing's wrong. I'm going to talk like everything's perfect. Act like it's just a dream, and he's not hurting me."

"I feel like I'm always there for other people, but they're never here for me." 

"It's not that I want to forget our memories, it just hurts to much to remember them."

"I didn't mean to fall in love, but I still did. You didn't mean to hurt me, but you still did."

"I wish I could go back to the day I met you, and just walk away. It would have saved me so much hurt and pain."

I relate to almost all of these. I have been hurt so many times, and yet I try to act like it never happened. If I look like I'm just smiling into the distance, it means I'm trying to forget that pain in my chest. Yes, I said he never hurt me, but I am not always Candor all the time. I lied to keep more pain away. He hurt me a little, but what hurt me when I was alone, was the thought of him smiling wherever he is. Yeah, I have feelings... Just a lot  of them that you'll never know or see... 

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