My fave quotes...

My fave quotes from anywhere. If you like quotes, then I have a lot for you. They reflect my moods from day to day as I update. There are too many in the world, so there isn't going to be all of them. These are just my favorites. Enjoy!


24. Anything

When I was younger, crying seemed like the only answer. Now that I'm older, it seems like the only option. 

Once I think of one bad memory, all of them flood back with the tears. 

I want to find a heart that will love me at my worst, and arms that will hold me at my weakest. 

Trying to forget someone you love is like trying to remember someone you never met. 

People can change. Memories can't. 

Love is not about crying about the past, what's done is done...Or what will come... Sometimes, you cann't stop it or change it. But you can prepare for the future and make the most of it. 

I love standing in the rain, because nobody can see how hard I am really crying. 

She's alone again, wiping the tears from her eyes. Some days, she feels like dying, she gets so tired of crying. 

How do I call it love when I cry more than I smile?

A girl wants to find a guy who's arms she can run to with her hair a mess, make-up smearing down her face, eyes red and puffy from crying, and the first thing he says us "You are so beautiful."  

When you break-up, it's like your whole identity was shattered. It's like death. 

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