Why Choose Me?

St... St... stop it please stop it what did i ever do to you please tell me so i at least know what i did to ever deserve this please tell me. I then screamed in pain as he kicked me in the chest and i felt some of my ribs break and something hit my lung i started to see black spots and grow dizzy. what felt like hours later he stopped beating me and just got up and left me there after kicking me in the head. Why was it that he always chose to bully me out of every one else in the school? Was all that i was able to think about before i lost conciousness.


3. Who Do You Think You Are Running Around Leaving Scars

Bold letters are Tarik


It was only the third day of grade ten and the bullying was already starting. Great just great I thought as my number one bully in the whole school came walking down the hallway towards my locker. "Hey there slut." Tarik says to me. "what do you want Tarik?". "I just wanted to know if you wanted to come to my house so we could have some 'fun' ?". "Why can't you just fucking leave me alone for one day Tarik?". "Because babe why would I want to leave you alone when you don't want me to." he says. "But what if I do want you -" i was trying to tell him before he rudely inturupted me. "See there's the spirit baby i knew you wanted me." He says with lots of confidence. "Um actually I don't want you. You just cut me off when I was trying to say but I do want you to leave me alone." I say with confidence for once instead of cowering and pretending he doesn't exist like i normally would. "But babe why would you want me to leave you alone when you could have all this" he says as he motions his hands up and down his body. "Because since i moved here almost 6 1/2 years ago you have been nothing but a dick to me and trying to get into my pants since day one" I say while remembering the first day i moved here and started school. "No I haven't baby I have been nothing but nice to you and perfect because i am everything you have ever wanted and you are everything i have ever wanted in a girl". "But you see the thing is I fucking hate you because you have constentaly bullied me, caused me to become depressed, and self-harm. Oh ya can't forget that when I finally made friends you turned them against me. Then let's not forget the other month when you and your friends showed up drunk off your ass tried to rape me at my house and you would have succeeded to if it wasn't for the fact that i had an old friend over to protect me at the time. Not to mention the fact that now he is dead because you shot him after he was trying to protect me. You fucking killed my only friend that i had left!" I screamed as i hit my hands on his chest while screaming and crying. "Look babe i am really sorry about your friend i really am." He said with a look of sorrow on his face. "Bullshit. Out of you and your friends that showed up drunk at my house do you want to know which of you shot him for protecting me?" I said still screaming. "Yes Babe I really want to know who shot him for protecting you from us. I will talk to them and I swear that it will never happen again. I promise you that." He said. "Bullshit it will happen again because you can't say it will not happen . When you don't know when you and your friends will get drunk again. And you said you want to know who shot him well I will tell you who shot him. The person who shot him was you. Because of you my only friend is dead. Because you had a gun and were drunk while trying to rape me you shot my only friend for protecting me. How could you live with yourself." I say screaming in the middle of the hallway at school. He looked at me with tears streaming down his face with sorrow filled eyes. "Look Bailey I am honestly sorry. I... I didn't know I was the one that killed your friend. If I was able to I would go back in time and stop myself from killing your only friend.". "Bullshit I didn't like you before you got drunk and tried to rape me in my home then kill my only friend I had left trying to protect me and not only did I not trust you before either. You did not only just kill him for protecting me. You killed and tortured him right in front of me while saying that you were teaching me a lesson to not have any other Men in my house while one of your "friends", was holding me back so I couldn't help him at all. Then one of your goons put a sweet candy smelling cloth covered in chloraform over my mouth because I was screaming so much and begging you to stop hurting him that is all I remember. Because when I woke up I found you all waiting for me to wake up and when you all realized I was awake you told me this is what is going to happen to any other men that came into my house without your permission. Then.. then you started stabbing him. I asked you to stop but you wouldn't. You looked at me then you smiled and... and then you shot him where it was not vital so it wouldn't kill him. Then you broke all of his bones except his spine and neck. Then... then you made me watch as he bled to death after you shot him in the chest right where the aorta would be to his heart. You made me watch as you slowly killed and tortured him. Because of you I no longer have any friends because you either killed, tortured or made them turn against me by spreading lies.".

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