Why Choose Me?

St... St... stop it please stop it what did i ever do to you please tell me so i at least know what i did to ever deserve this please tell me. I then screamed in pain as he kicked me in the chest and i felt some of my ribs break and something hit my lung i started to see black spots and grow dizzy. what felt like hours later he stopped beating me and just got up and left me there after kicking me in the head. Why was it that he always chose to bully me out of every one else in the school? Was all that i was able to think about before i lost conciousness.


1. Weak and Powerless

today is the same as any other day i got bullied felt like dying but yet today was different at the same time no one was bullying me as much as they would normally do today it was like they didn’t even care about making my life a living hell it was like peaceful but deadly at the same time i wish that i could meet my hero/ heros who made the bullying stop. but then i remembered that one of the people who bullies me is the schools bad boy who doesn’t listen to anyone they all listen to him. Why was it that Michael Clifford always chose me to bully when he could have chosen anyone else in the entire school when he could have bullied all the nerds not me not a person like me who already has a horrible life and is abused at home why is it me exactly? i wish that everyone would stop judging me for my looks what i do and how i act it is getting very annoying no wonder people kill themselves they can’t deal with the bullying and they dont know how to escape the pain or what to do to get it stop i just want it to all stop for one day but it will never stop i realize that now but the question is how do i ever get it to stop thats what i want to know i never did anything to anyone except when they deserved it but other then that i never did anything wrong to anyone they all did everything wrong to me. I just want to know what people think is wrong with me i mean i did not ever do anything to them yet they still bully me for some reason and i have no fucking idea why they do this to me is it because my friends are weird or is it because i cut/ self harm because of all the weird looks and bullying i get done to me at school and over social media.

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