Why Choose Me?

St... St... stop it please stop it what did i ever do to you please tell me so i at least know what i did to ever deserve this please tell me. I then screamed in pain as he kicked me in the chest and i felt some of my ribs break and something hit my lung i started to see black spots and grow dizzy. what felt like hours later he stopped beating me and just got up and left me there after kicking me in the head. Why was it that he always chose to bully me out of every one else in the school? Was all that i was able to think about before i lost conciousness.


2. Character list so far

Main characters


Names and who they are played by:

The bullies name is Tarik and is played by a guy that i go to school with.

The main characters name is Bailey because I find that name really cool and it is unisex at the same time.

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