Night Changes

Five best friends, one boy friend, one baby, and five strangers.
One unforgettable night that changes their lives forever.


4. Trouble in Paradise

Lucy’s point of view                                                                 

“Lucy! Get down here now!” My boyfriend Caleb yells from downstairs. I put my sleeping baby girl in her crib, bending over and softly kissing her forehead. I run downstairs, stopping at the bottom step. “Could you not yell so loud? Sandra is sleeping.” I roll my eyes at him, crossing my arms.

Caleb scoffs, mimicking me. “Do you want to explain why you didn’t wash the dishes?” Is he serious? I started to laugh, but his face remained the same. “Is this funny to you?” “Yeah, it is. Why don’t you do the dishes for once?” I giggle.

Caleb huffs in frustration, running a hand through his black quiff. “Just wash the dishes.” He says forcefully. Does he really think he can boss me around? Ha-ha, he thought.

“Um, I’m sorry. Would you like to tell me when you became my mother?” I joked. I could tell by Caleb’s face that this wasn’t the time for jokes, but it was still funny. If Miranda were here she would love this.

“I’m not kidding Lucy. Wash them, and we won’t have issues.” Caleb stepped towards me. I raised my eyebrow. “Excuse me but we are going to have issues because I’m not washing them. You can do it yourself.” I sarcastically smiled, walking past him and into the kitchen. I grabbed an apple from the fruit basket on the table and took a bite.

Caleb followed me, his face red. “I’m the one that works in this relationship, and you take care of the house. Now do the damn dishes and stop arguing with me.” His voice drops lower. If I have to tell him one more time, I’m going to rip his hair out.

“Caleb, get this through your head. I cook, clean, do laundry, take care of our daughter, and the cat. I’m sure you know how to work the dishwasher on your own.” Sitting on the table, I swing my legs back and forth. Caleb slams his fist down on the table, and I jump.

“Lucy, I’m about to slap the hell out of you if you don’t listen to me.” Did he really just say that? Oh no. I hoped off the table walking past him, and upstairs. I went into our room, and grabbed a backpack. I stuffed clothes into it, and then went into my daughter’s room. Sandra was in her crib sound asleep. I picked her up, and set her in her car seat. She wiggled a bit, but settled down again. I placed a blanket on top of her, and packed her diaper bag.

I walked downstairs again, with my baby. Caleb was pacing back and forth in the living room. I put on my shoes, and grabbed a hoodie from the coat rack, slipping it over my head. “Where are you going?” He demanded. “None of your business. I’m done with you getting mad for no reason. So have fun finding someone else to wash your dishes because I’m not doing it anymore.” I picked up my things, and even grabbed my cat.

I’m truly done this time.

*10 minutes later; on the phone with Miranda*

“So he did what?” She asked once more. I sighed.

“He threatened to slap me because I wouldn’t wash the dishes.” I explained again.

“What? Oh heck nah, where is he? Me and Ashton are about to go jump him.” Miranda yelled into the phone. I laughed quietly, and heard Ashton in the background saying, “I’m going to get him real good too.”

“Thanks guys, but I don’t think I’m going back this time. It’s too much.” I sighed. “But, I don’t have anywhere to go.”

“You can stay with me! I want to see my god-child!” Ashton yelled. I smiled.

“Are you sure it’s okay?” I bit my lip; in hope she would say yes.

“Of course, you’re welcome to stay anytime you want.” I grinned, and squealed.

“Thank you Ash! I’ll be over in a minute!” I say, and hang up. I put my car in reverse and drove to Ashton’s.

Once I pulled up to her house, she and Miranda were waiting for me outside.

I turned the car off, and opened my door. The cat jumped out and into Ashton’s house.

“Don’t worry, the dogs are outside.” She giggled. I hugged her tightly, thanking her.

“Where’s my baby?” Miranda opened Sandra’s door, and unbuckled her car seat. I grabbed my bag, and Ashton grabbed Sandra’s diaper bag.

When we got in her house, her brother Mason stood up and smiled thirstily at me. I groaned, rolling my eyes. “Sit down ugly.” Ashton said. Mason shot her a glare.

“Shut up dumba-“ Ashton's mom walked into the living room, and gave Mason a look. “What were you about to say?” She leaned against the doorway in a sassy way. I laughed.

“Nothing mom.” Mason sat back down. “Mhm, that’s what I thought you were going to say. Luce! Oh darling, how are you?” Her mom wrapped her arms around me, and I hugged back. She pulled back, and smiles warmly.

“So I heard Caleb almost hit you? Serves him right for you to leave him. Never was good for you anyway.” Ashton’s mom shook her head, and glanced to Miranda who was nodding.

“I told her. I’ve always told her he was going to hurt her one-day. But did she listen? No.”  Miranda shook her head in disproval. My smile grew as Ashton laughed.
“Miranda, I don’t even know why you’re talking.” Ashton said. Miranda shrugged, taking Sandra out of her car seat and holding her closely. “Shut up.” She said and focusing her attention to my daughter. I just love how they treat her so well.

“Come on peeps! Up to Narnia!” Ashton yells, leading us to her room.  I sat down in the beanbag in the corner of her room, and sighed. It felt so relaxing to just sit down, and not have to worry about getting yelled at for no reason. Ashton looked over to me and pursed her lips.  “You okay?” She asked. The concerned look in her eyes made me happy.

“Yeah, I guess I’m going to be okay. I’m alive, my baby’s alive, and I’m not around him anymore. Yeah. I’ll be okay.”  I nod at her, and she nods back. “So, what do we do now?” Miranda asked. I shrug. “I do not know.” I said back.

“I’m pretty tired..” Ashton trails off. Now that I think about it, it has been a long day. “Me too. Time for bed! Night girls.” I snuggle into Ashton’s small blanket and drift off to sleep.

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