Night Changes

Five best friends, one boy friend, one baby, and five strangers.
One unforgettable night that changes their lives forever.


1. The messages.

Ashton’s pov

From: Chipper

To: Ashy

“Hey love, got any plans tonight?”

As my phone dung, I sat down my pencil to look at the new message. Miranda or chipper texted me.  I typed back:


To: Chipper

“No, just homework. What about you?”


I set my phone back down on my bed, waiting for her reply. Three minutes later, a ding rang through my silent room.

From: Chipper

“Me either xc”

She replies, I giggle. She’s always bored.

To: Chipper

“Why don’t you text Lucy? I’m sure she’s not doing anything.”

From: Chipper

“I already did. She’s hanging out with Caleb :p Bleh.”


Miranda doesn’t really like Caleb too much. I don’t understand why though, if Lucy is happy then that’s all that matters.

To: Chipper

“What about Destiny?”

From: Chipper

“She’s at her dads house with her sister.”

To: Chipper

“Well, I’m home alone. You could come over if you want?”

From: Chipper



I laugh a little at her response. I text back a quick ‘I love you too’ and locked my phone.


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