If Only I Knew

(Book Two for How To Save A Life)

"Are you crazy?" He screams.

"Baby, I'm out of my mind." I smile.


6. But I'll Try

Skylar's POV 

"You loved Matt?" Reychel's voice breaks me from my thoughts. 

"What?" I look up at her. 

"You said I loved him too. You love Matt?" She gasps. 

"Oh no! No way!" I shake my head, laughing a little at the idea. 

Matt. Skylar. 

It didn't match. 

Nash. Skylar. 


"Then who do you love?" She continues to ask. 

"Uh, it's not-" 

"C'MON! COME ON!" She screams, shaking me by my shoulders. 

I huff. "It was just Nash. I just started thinking about him." I shake my head. 

"Oh." She retracts her hands moving back to her textbook. 

"Yeah." I whisper. 

"Nash." I mumble his name. 


Author's Note: The chapters are superrrr short and I know it's crazy to have you wait so long but it was the cover that was holding me up. Then I decided to write more chapters then I changed the description but now It's perfect! So here is to a new book!


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