Distractions: A Book of Poetry

Poems that I've written


64. Wound Me

Stick a hook into my heart
Barbed end piercing arteries
Reel it in and
Yank the organ out of my chest
I'll scream until I cannot feel

  Shove a needle into my brain
Thread on the end drifting through gray
Sew up the weeping chasms
Where I have gone mad
I'll scream until I cannot make
a single sound

  Pierce my skin with a blade
Shining silver coated in crimson
Slide it through the thin white and
Let scarlet rivers flow
I'll scream until I cannot hear
the words they say

  Stab sharp-edged swords into my soul
Vicious syllables tearing me to pieces
Rip me apart and scatter the shreds
Across the roiling ocean
I'll scream until I cannot live
in this cruel world

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