Distractions: A Book of Poetry

Poems that I've written


168. Underwater Surreality (Watch Me Drown)

Watch me drown
Slipping through the icy gray water,
Drifting down
I blow ethereal bubble out from between my lips
They shimmer in the moon’s shaky light
Shine bright like stars about to nova
I tremble in this underwater surreality
Colors fade from my eyes
I can feel my fingertips turning blue
I can feel my lips losing their pink
I can feel the numb,
Creeping through my skin and
Burrowing into my bones
Reflex, inhale
Breathe in the water
Lungs full of water
I sink
My body shivers, shakes with the tremors
The terror of the death throes
I can see the shadow things
The ones who pushed me off the edge
They locked my arms behind me 
and sent me spinning off the edge
To land in the moonlit water
With just a simple splash
They laugh as I sink, and pucker their lips
I feel them pressing against me,
Inhaling my soul
The icy numb surrounds my heart,
And then I am no more.

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