Distractions: A Book of Poetry

Poems that I've written


113. Underskin

Well, you see,

there is a place underground

that is full of screams and tears

and that place is underground

and it’s underneath your skin

and the screams fill your ears

and the tears invade your eyes

and you cry and cry and you don’t know why

you cry

There are monsters in your bloodstream

that just don’t go away

and they spit poison from their mouths

whenever you think you feel okay

they make everything hurt again

they change your words so that you say

“Today, today, I want to die today,”

They create an impulse, send a message to your brain

and your brain sends the message to your arms and to your hands

and your hands pick up the knife

and your eyes can already see

the silver stained with blood

And the metal touches your skin

and it’s cold, icy cold

and the chill runs across your skin

and the chill dances over your vertebrae

and wakes up your brain

and you open your eyes and you scream

and the knife clatters to the floor

“What did I almost do? Oh, God, I almost died.”

and you fall to your knees and cry

and the monsters they titter and giggle and laugh

so close, so close, you came

so close

There are ghost beneath your eyelids

they lie to you, they blind you

they make you see things not real

they place flashes in your path

and demons in the shadows

and you are paranoid,

so afraid

and you never know what’s real

and the ghosts whisper and laugh

and drive you quite mad

and you wish that you had the cold knife back

But there is a way, a way, a way

there is a way

to make them go away

Someone appears inside your world

and you look in their eyes

and the ghosts all fade away

and gray is gone

and the color returns

and harsh reality is misted over by delirium

and a kiss on the lips brings up a stir of desire

like a whole new monster invading your bloodstream

making you hungry, so hungry, hungrier for more

and the warmth of love is a safety blanket

and nothing can hurt you ever again

unless cruel universe with wicked claws

snatches love away,

then all light is gone

But now, right now, everything is safe, dear

Everything is bright, dear

Everything is right, dear

So pretty please, don’t fret.

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