Distractions: A Book of Poetry

Poems that I've written


106. The Distant Lover

O, the distant lover,
she won't look you in the eye
Unless there is an absence
of outside presence.

She distracts herself
to feel less awkward,
less like an elementary child fumbling
to meet a classmate's lips
behind the playground slide.
But every so often,
she'll take the chance
of meeting your gaze
of touching her heart to yours
and she'll lean in for
another passionate kiss.

Her love is painted red;
Photographs in the darkroom
lit by red lights
dripping with chemicals
Each second carefully captured
and imprinted in her skin
for future reference.
"Did it happen? I believe it did,"
She won't know until 
she sees you again.

She loves you quite bit,
this distant lover,
so erase that hidden doubt
and just hold her close
Fingers twined together
and a kiss on the cheek 
Make her smile, infinitely happy,
And trust me when I say
she's just as eager for 
the next kiss
as you.

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