Distractions: A Book of Poetry

Poems that I've written


128. The Beauty of Snowflakes (Bloodstains on the Snow)

Blanket of snow,
fresh, white, and cold
Bloodstains like rosepetals
steal the crisp cleanliness away
And, not far away,
Stands a raven-haired girl
Thin as a willow with a tear-stained face
She clutches a blade, sharp blade, razor blade
And watches the blood run down her arm
Crimson rivulets,
bloodstains like rosepetals stain the snow.

Dove-wing sky,
layered with feathery snow clouds
Gentle stars of ice fall
to land on her rose-tipped cheek
And he gazes into her eyes,
feeling his heart freeze mid-beat
Because the ending within them is clear as day
Her soft lips part, and she takes a breath,
but he silences the unspoken words
with a sudden, icy, kiss to melt her heart
and keep the ending at bay.

Glittering snowflakes fall
on the other side of the glass
She watches them fall, 
watches her last winter as it falls
And she pretends that she can hear
the silence of falling snow
instead of the heart monitor’s steady drone
She pretends she can taste the ice on her tongue
Instead of the bitter aftertaste of useless pills.
As her heart flutters, tries to keep her alive,
she dreams the feelings of her last winter.

Her wails slice through the night
and her thoughts churn with her pain-streaked blood
“So this is when it happens, so this is when it comes.”
Then her natural instincts take over
and she pushes without a soothing voice
She pushes without a strong hand in hers
There is no comfort to greet the shivering baby
Icy cold wind claws its way into the child’s chest
and stops his heart short, no sound
The empty young mother weeps, her tears freeze on her cheeks, 
and her cries slice through the night.

Gunshots and shattering glass,
cold wind freezing the moment to see:
A blooming burst of blood on his chest
and her mouth locked in a scream
An evil grin sitting above the vile gun
She screams eternally as her lover falls to his knees,
and she turns and lunges at the evil villian
He’s got another bullet, and trigger-happy fingers
leave her following her lover
Jealousy, which stained the villain’s weak brain,
has struck, leaving blooming bursts of blood.

Reflected in the eye of a snow-loving bird,
a million stories play through the snow and leave
footsteps stained with blood and tears
The beauty of snowflakes is now irrevocably tainted
by humanity’s foul curse
to feel too much and feel too little
to have too much heart and nowhere near enough
There are wise men who say 
that humans should have never walked the Earth
The snowflakes, falling softly, agree
As blood and tears stain their crystalline beauty.


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