Distractions: A Book of Poetry

Poems that I've written


122. Snowflake Tattoos

The ice creeps across her skin 
Frosty tendrils, shimmering white vines
It wraps itself around her wrist
Sinks into her veins
Her blood begins to freeze 
She keeps walking as though there is nothing wrong 
There are no snowflakes tattooing her skin
No ice sliding through her veins
She just keeps walking
As the frost attempts the penetrate her heart
It jabs, pokes and prods with sharp tips
It begins to seep in through the layers of pulsing muscle
But the frost is stopped in its tracks
By a sudden bright blaze
Flames abruptly rise as she locks eyes
With her love
And when she sinks into his embrace
The ice melts away, the growing storm is held at bay
The frost shrinks away, leaving just a single icy thorn
To remind her that it will never truly go away.

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