Distractions: A Book of Poetry

Poems that I've written


82. Shadow and the Sun

Can you tell me
how the world still spins
when all we want to do is


and begin again
The shots never cease
tearing through the crowd
And the smoke keeps rising
It's staining the clouds
Red and black
Brown and gray
We've lost sight
of the light of day
We scream and we cry
We fight 'till we die
Fists to the sky
Voices rising high
The battle never ends
Infinite war
The shadow and the sun
Just beyond the door
is a terrible truth'
left behind
in the dust of fantasies
created in our mind
So I'm telling you today
Keep your fists up high
Stretch out your voices
Make 'em touch the sky
We watch the battle
We choose our sides
And the battles only end
when we say goodbye.

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