Distractions: A Book of Poetry

Poems that I've written


102. Romantic

Shh! Just listen,
Just let me tell you this;
A ray of sunshine piercing
through the blackened clouds;
The speed of light reveals
the color that lies
just past our eyelids.
The raindrops stop;
Precipitation stands still
and dissolves in
the growing ray of sunbeam.
A rose bush, dead and brown;
The light hits it at 
just the right angle, and
A tiny bud appears,
growing and growing and 
soon to bloom in a burst
of passionate red.
A kiss on a flower-petal cheek;
Frosted pink flares into
a pleased splash of pale red,
and a smile grows below.
A fresh, new bud of love;
It banishes the darkness,
dissloves the chilly downpour,
it wakes me up and opens my eyes.
Shh...are you still listening?
I want to make sure
the words fall from my lips 
and land on your tongue
to meet each other's ears.
One, two, three words,
simple and still complicated.
A juxtaposition provokes us
to twine our fingers together
and say,
"I love you."

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