Distractions: A Book of Poetry

Poems that I've written


155. Fracture Surreal

Surrealism clouds my brain
Covers up my eyes
Makes me see
Nothing is quite real right now
With movie clip memories 
flitting through my mind
Brown eye
Blue shirt
Just a streak of red
I don’t even remember
What it is I said

I breathe, and create a frigid breeze
That sweeps through my veins
After whispering through my hair
I’m soaring high on 
The song in my head
It’s not just in my ears,
It’s all around, to remind me I’m not dead
This beat boosts my step
And sets me apart
Im not in this real world
Where streets are lined with broken heart
I still feel, I’m still alive
I am trapped in this surreal state of mind
And it’s okay, oh, it’s okay
To cry blue paint tears
And abruptly explode into porcelain bits
Because I know I’ll just reform again
Dry-faced and smiling again
I can see my own smiling face,
But I don’t have a mirror
There’s something wrong with her eyes
But it’s too late to figure out
She’s disappeared, she’s shy
And all that’s left are the tears
That fell from the skies 
I’m not here, I’m not real
Just let me believe that I’m not real
I will sit in this fantasy world
And I will cry away my pains
And once I’m free and dry-eyed again
I’ll shut down the beat,
I’ll enter reality again
But it will always be


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