Distractions: A Book of Poetry

Poems that I've written


60. Exception

I am not one to write
words of love, but
Surely I must make an exception
for you

You pulled me up from the bottom
of the darkest sea
And into my hand you placed
a little candle to help me see

The other hand you took in yours,
Giving it new warmth
A heat that spread through my veins
and sent the fear away

We walked upon the diamond sand
and gazed up at the stars
Whispered secrets, shared stories,
found that we share pain

Now. hold me close
and don't let go
You keep me from falling down
Keep my hand warm inside yours

It's cliche to say that you
brought sunshine back to me
Even when no one else
seemed to truly see

I was lost, and I was alone
but you found me
I hear your voice, I take your hand
and now I am complete

I am not one to write
words of love, but
Now I have made an exception
for you

For you have surely earned these words,
scratched down in pale morning light
You treat my heart so carefully,
you're sure to do what's right

So let me keep
my hand in yours
As we walk
through the night

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