Distractions: A Book of Poetry

Poems that I've written


110. Endless

Well, surely by now I’ve run out of words for you?
But a writer never runs out of words,
especially when expressing her love.
She can write a million poems
about your eyes, using the imagery of “melted chocolate” and “mahogany wood”.
She could build a paragraph 
about your lips, picking out just the right verbs and adjectives to describe your kiss.
She is able to create an invisible image of you, 
she can use words like “swell” and “heart” to describe how she feels when she sees you.
A writer can never run out of words, certainly not when
she is expressing her love.
And even if she has to repeat a phrase, 
if she has to reuse an adjective,
she will never stop painting her love on the paper,
never stop shaping a heart out of words.

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