Distractions: A Book of Poetry

Poems that I've written


59. Emotion, the Key to

When the emotional heart is ailing,
or perhaps the mind,
A better cure I cannot find
than music.

The dips and the dives of notes,
sweet and sour, high and low,
The ups and downs of life perfectly shown
Sky to earth, earth to sky.

The beats of the drums and the pounding bass,
thumping their way through the room
Providing more feeling with every boom
Vibrating through the heart and soul.

The voices, the voices, and the words they share,
telling their stories for the world to hear,
Give something to relate, and draw a tear
Or make feet dance and toss away their cares.

The sounds overall, the perfect mix,
combining everything to let us know
That music can make our feelings show
Emotion is the key to music

and music is the key to emotion.

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