Distractions: A Book of Poetry

Poems that I've written


163. Catch A Piece of My Breath

How is it that I have kept this faith:
That this love here will not fade?
Oh, the innumerable ways;
Perhaps it is in the way
I lose a piece of my breath
When I meet you eyes, and you smile.
It may be in the way
I always get a thrill that shover through my chest
When your lips meet mine,
And hesitate to leave again.
Oh, it must be in the way
We are still so close even when we are so far,
Each of us never separated from the other’s thoughts.
Ah, yes, all doubts are beyond faded;
They are shattered,
Dissolved in the sunlight,
Barely a breath in the sky.
As I meet your eyes.
I can see for miles, immeasurable,
The incredible infinity of our love.

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