Distractions: A Book of Poetry

Poems that I've written


125. Behind You Looms Your Fear

scuffing the pavement
Then another set, coming quickly behind
Turn, and lock eyes
With your Fear
It looms over you,
heavy breath and acrid stench
You can hear its heartbeat, pounding hard and loud and fast
You can’t take your eyes away from its face;
So horrible, so terrible and grey
Blazing eyes and heavy breath;
the stench clogs your throat so you can’t breathe
And you heart starts running to match the beast’s
How to escape, how to get away?
How to be sure that you will live another day?
You swallow the heavy stench that fills your throat,
you put a hand to your heart and breathe,
you narrow your eyes at your Fear, you say
“Begone, foul beast, I do not want to play.”

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