Distractions: A Book of Poetry

Poems that I've written


95. Asylum





The glue falls from the binding

The crimson threads

flow from my head

My wrists, my hands, there is no denying

The inevitable,

The insane

This very inhumane game

Why, I make no sense anymore

Why, I feel no life anymore

Why, I see no light anymore

Why, the voices

Why, the voices,

Why, the voices in my head

They scream


Twisting and writhing,

The tearing of the binding

The pages flutter to the ground

The moths they flutter all around

I think I have gone quite insane

I think that I can touch my brain

Well, why are they running away?

"Hello and goodbye!" is all I want to say!

Gunmetal glinting in the moonlight A bang and a flash to light up the night

Oh, my eyes, why can't I see?

Oh, my ears, I cannot seem

To hear thesounds of tormented laughter

The background music that fills my brain

I cannot see the eerie shadows

that shiver and linger and stretch their fingers

To touch me, to grab me, to snatch me away

No! Don't let them take me away!

No! I cannot go today!

No! There is too much for me still to say!

And as I sit and as I wonder

What it would be like wander

Up and down the streets of town

With my thoughts pouring from my mouth

And my ears taped to my knees?

See, I am not making any sense!

I am bibbling, babbling, good and gone and gabbling

I wish to see,

I wish for sight

I wish to not be sick tonight

I wish to be free from the shivering shadows

and whispering screams

I wish to stretch my lips in a smile

that is not insane

It is not insane I wish to leave this padded cell

I wish to find a place that's home

White picket fence

A cat and a dog

No gunmetal glinting

No flash and bang

No unraveling threads

being pulled from my brain

I wish I may

Yes, I wish for light

I wish to have some sanity tonight








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