Distractions: A Book of Poetry

Poems that I've written


191. Annihilation

The first thing I see
Is the butterfly,
With cat’s eyes on her wings.
She dances ballet with the breeze,
Never missing a beat.
I blink.
The air shatters.
A bird with wings lined in fire 
Interrupts the dance,
Scoops the butterfly
Into his beak.
The wind is left sobbing alone,
Littering my face with crystalline grief spots.
I blink.
Talons in my chest,
A glaring orange eye in mine
When I open my eyes
Inside his pupil
I see
My future
Outlined in flames.
I dance with them,
I swallow them,
I kiss them and burn
The flames, they cleanse my soul
The bird shows me
I can only be free with the fire
If I give up my weary heart
I close my eyes,
Feel the gentle tugging
I thought it would hurt
To lose my heart
But I feel only joy
At the weightlessness of my chest
When I’m set free
Then the flames, they take me
Outline the hold in my chest in gold
I scream without fear,
I cry without misery,
I bleed without pain,
I die without an ending.

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