Dear Noah

-Based on a True Story-
To my old friend.
We used to act like lovers and now we never talk. The contrast is almost damaging.
"With tears in my eyes I begged you to stay, you said honey I love you but no f****** way"
- The Front Bottoms//Twin Sized Mattress


3. Dear Noah

Mia White [19:37 Wed 28 Jan]


Dear Noah,

It's your birthday!! At last you're 18!!

This means you can legally get married, move out, carry an organ donor card, buy alcohol, buy cigarettes, buy fireworks.

And probably loads of other cool things which I can't be bothered to write down or look up.

I hope you're keeping well and you're enjoying school
I hope it isn't causing too much stress and anxiety
Remember if it is you can always talk to me. I'm always here for you.

I also hope you're enjoying 2015 so far. I am.
Maybe we should try again, you know new year, new start? Idk
What do you think?

Again you don't have to reply just keeping you update is all :)

I'm missing you loads like always.

I hope this year is a good one for you

And I hope that you have a good day filled with presents, cake and friends!!


All my love and more,

Mia xxxxx

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