Dear Noah

-Based on a True Story-
To my old friend.
We used to act like lovers and now we never talk. The contrast is almost damaging.
"With tears in my eyes I begged you to stay, you said honey I love you but no f****** way"
- The Front Bottoms//Twin Sized Mattress


2. Dear Noah

Mia White [12:34 Thur 1 Jan]


Dear Noah,

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Its finally 2015. The year we leave college and go on to do...well whatever we want. 
My plan is still to go to Oxford, you know me, high hopes and very low grades aha. I'm taking a gap year first though, obviously, that's why I don't know if I'm in or not, I haven't even applied.
I'm still keeping to my plan of travelling the world, what else? I've got a large sense of wanderlust that needs to be fulfilled. 
I've always dreamed of having a companion (especially one who's not bad in the looks department, plays the guitar and can have long talks about the universe - singing is an added bonus) so you're always welcome to join me if your dream of becoming a famous musician is slow going, hey for all you know we could become large in Japan!
And by we I obviously mean you, I really don't have a talented bone in my body.

Its a bit weird to think that this is our last ever year of compulsory education. We could literally leave school and sleep for days and no one can stop us. And that's a scary thought Noah, that we've hit adulthood that really, within law we are free to do as we please once we leave college. I hope that isn't something that scares you as much as it scares me because I've just reminded you of it. Ah well. What's done is done ( I mean yes I could delete it from the email but ho hum).

ANYWAY!!!! I hope you are very successful in your A-Levels I know you will be because you are literally a genius and you can't convince me otherwise. I also hope this year goes as well for you as you deserve, which is basically me saying you deserve the best year ever because you are the best person ever. (Look at me full of compliments today!!)

I hope you are happy and stress free and if not then remember you can ALWAYS talk to me whenever you need to. I will always be here for you.

All my love and more,

Mia xxxxx

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