Dear Noah

-Based on a True Story-
To my old friend.
We used to act like lovers and now we never talk. The contrast is almost damaging.
"With tears in my eyes I begged you to stay, you said honey I love you but no f****** way"
- The Front Bottoms//Twin Sized Mattress


1. Dear Noah

Mia White [16:34 Thur 25 Dec]

Dear Noah,

It's Christmas! Of course you know that...

I hope you are doing well and staying safe.

I also hope Santa got you EVERYTHING you wished for for Christmas, I'm sorry that was soppy, we're 17 now. But still I hope you got some super cool gifts!

I got some pretty cool things, mainly DVDs and clothes and books but it's all stuff I like so that's good. I've also got some money to spend how I wish so that's cool. (I'm sorry I've used cool twice there)

Anyway, I know it's been a while since we talked so that's why I decided to send this little email. Like I said I hope you are keeping well, I want you to remember that I'm always going to be here for you and I'm ready to support you if you need me, I understand you can't do that for me but I'm better now so maybe you don't need to.

But I'm here, in case you have problems which I'm guessing you do because that's the reason you...


I miss the old times Noah, I hope you do too. You leaving wasn't fun and I really don't hope you felt the way I felt when you left but I do at the same time, do you get me?

I wish we were friends again.

Sorry about that.

All my love and more,

Mia xxxxx

Ps don't feel pressured to email back :)

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