I thought I was the shy girl in school. I always thought the guy I was head over heals for would never like me. I was the girl who no one talked to. The girl who was bullied. It all started since my dad died. But then he liked me.
And everything changed.


30. Unpacking

Elli's POV:

"Who's room are we doing first?" Chloe asks as we grab our luggage.

"I don't care. We can do yours first." I say. "We don't actually start until next week right?" I ask.

"Well I don't start until then. I think its the same for you." She says and we both walk outside.

We get into a nearby cab and go to her dorm first. Once we finally get into her dorm there's one bed against the white brick wall. There's a small bathroom and a big enough area for a small couch and TV.

"This needs so much decoration." Chloe groans and throws her bags on the ground. I laugh and set mine in the corner.

"I'll make your bed. Put your clothes in the dresser." I say as I open one of her beds.

"Okay." She says and starts to unpack.


"Show me around your room." Ashton giggles on Skype.

"I have stupid brick walls." I say and laugh. I take my laptop and walk around the room. "I hung up a few posters, I feel like I had too." I laugh.

"There's our picture!" Ashton smiles brightly as I sit back down on my bed. I look over to the wall my bed is against. I taped pictures of Ashton and I. I also put pictures of the guys up too.

I smile and look back at Ashton. "Cute, right?"

"I like it." He smiles. "Do you like it there?" He asks.

"Its nice." I say and fiddle with my fingers. "Its really nice but it'll never be like home, you know?"

"Yeah. But you'll like it more after a while, its only your first day." He smiles. "I can't wait to visit."

"You'll love it here." I smile. "I bet you'll like my room."

Ashton laughs. I look over at the time to see its almost midnight. I watch Ashton as he runs his fingers through his hair. I look down and fiddle with my fingers. "I miss you." I mumble but talk loud enough for him to hear me.

"I miss you too." He says and looks up. "But listen to me Elli, we'll make it through this." He says.

I look at him and feel a tear fall down my cheek. "Shh, hey, look out your window." He says.

"Why?" I ask and look at him funny.

"Just do it." He giggles. I sigh and pull my curtain open and look at all the tall buildings and lights. "Now look at the sky and the stars. We may not fall asleep under the same roof but we do fall asleep underneath the same sky." He says. "Every single one of those stars we fall asleep under together."

"And you're just one phone call away." I whisper.

"Yes." Ashton says and smiles a reassuring smile. "I'll answer even if you call me a three in the morning. Elli, if I'm in the middle of a class and you call, I'll answer."

I giggle softly. "Okay."

Ashton smiles brightly. "Two months?" He asks.

"Yeah, I'll have a week off for some weird break. Then we have two days off for Thanks Giving." I explain. "I'm not going home though."

"You'll be home for Christmas right?" He asks.

"Yes, of course." I smile.

Ashton smiles. "I love you Elli."

"I love you too." I smile. "I should really go to bed." I sigh.

"Me too." Ashton yawns. "Goodnight Elli." He smiles.

"Goodnight Ashton." I smile.

And after another 'I love you' the call ends. I shut my laptop and set it on my desk. I stare out the window and look up at the stars for a moment. Then, the tears start to fall from my eyes. One by one.

My phone vibrates and I look down at the message.

Ashton: 'I know you're crying right now but just remember I love you. I'll leave you a good morning message, okay? I love you so much Elli Belly, you're beautiful'

I smile and another tear falls. I reply with an 'I love you too' and then turn off my lamp. I curl up in a ball with my blankets and stare out my window. Somehow I slowly fall asleep with the tears.

I still need ideas on how you guys want the updates with Elli being in school. Do you want it like every visiting time? Or Visiting times and some normal days? I need to know. Love you allxx


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