I thought I was the shy girl in school. I always thought the guy I was head over heals for would never like me. I was the girl who no one talked to. The girl who was bullied. It all started since my dad died. But then he liked me.
And everything changed.


11. The Letter.

Elli's POV:

I stare at the letter in my hands. It came in the mail today. It's been a week since auditions. I'm so afraid to open the letter. This small piece of paper will tell me if my dreams come true or not. I take a deep breath and rip open the letter. I slowly read it out loud. "To Elli Marie Rose, Congratulations you made it in to our college."

I scream and my mom comes running down the stairs. "What happened?" She asks.

"I made it in!" I scream and hug her tightly. Brian jogs downstairs and smiles. "I made it in." I say.

"Don't you think you should go to Ashton's?" My mom asks. I nod and quickly put on my shoes. "I'm proud of you!" She says before I walk outside with my keys.

I drive to Ashton's apartment as fast as I can. I jog upstairs with my letter and I softly knock on his door. He opens it and I look up at him. Tears are brimming in his eyes and he has his letter in his hand. "Ashton, what's wrong?" I ask as I walk inside.

"We didn't make it in." He whispers and bites his lip.

I stare at him from shock. We're going to be on different sides of the country. I can't believe it. How didn't they get in? Why? Tears stream from my face and I drop my acceptance letter onto the floor. I can't just pack up in the fall and leave Ashton. I watch as Ashton bends down and picks up my letter. He opens it and reads it. "You got in." He whispers. He smiles softly but his smile fades.

His arms wrap around me tightly and I cry into his chest. "How on earth could you not get in?" I sob. "Why? Why can't we just go to college together, and have a happy ending. I've been through too much shit. Now in the fall, four more years of hell, for the both of us." I cry into his chest.

I feel Ashton's tears on my cheek. "I'm so sorry." He whispers. "I hate them as much as you do right now."

"It's not your fault." I whisper as I look up into his eyes. They're red and he has tear stained cheeks. "We won't break up right?" I ask. If I loose Ashton, I don't know what I would do.

"I promise we won't." He whispers. "We've made so many promises and we love each other too much for that to happen." He smiles softly. "We'll figure everything out, I promise." He smiles.

"Is the band still going to try to make a career out of it?" I ask. They can't just stop after working so hard.

Ashton nods. "We're going to go to the music college close to here. It's not that important as the one you're going to, but it will still help us. We've already been posting videos on YouTube, and playing gigs. I think we'll make it."

I smile and kiss him. Ashton's hands wrap around my waist and mine wrap around his neck. Ashton kisses me hardly and after a while I softly release from the kiss. "We'll make this summer count right?" I ask.

"Everyday from now until you leave we will." Ashton smiles. I smile and intertwine my fingers with his. "Guess who's birthday is next week." He giggles.

"Mine." I mumble. "I don't really want to do a lot."

"Whatever you say," Ashton smirks. I look at him and sigh. He probably is gonna through a big surprise party or something. "By the way, what do you want?"

"I don't need anything." I say. I really don't. Ashton doesn't owe me anything, and he doesn't need to get me anything. Having him is the best thing that could ever happen to me.

"You need something." Ashton argues. "Oh hell with it, I'll get you something you'll love." He smirks.

I sigh, Ashton doesn't take no for an answer. I feel something soft against my leg and look down to see Rue. I smile as I pick her up. I lift her into Ashton's face and she starts licking him. Ashton giggles and his cute big dimples show. I love those dimples almost as much as I love him. Ashton smiles at me and kisses me softly as he takes Rue. "What do you wanna do?" Ashton asks.

"We can't really go anywhere because it's raining." I sigh. "I don't care."

"Elli, look at me." Ashton says as he cups my face with his hands. "Don't be down about this okay? It's going to work out I promise." I smile for real this time. He makes me so happy when he does this. When he knows everything will be okay. "Let's go to Calums? Have a little party for you?"

"No, no don't. I don't want to celebrate for getting in when you guys didn't." I say. "Can we just go there to hang out?" I ask.

Ashton smiles and nods. "Let me call him to invite the guys okay?" I nod and play with Rue while he calls Calum. After a couple minutes Ashton comes out of his room. "Let's go."


Chloe looks at me. "You got in?" She asks with a smile. I nod slowly, hoping she won't be mad or sad. "I'm so proud of you!" She squeals and hugs me as tight as she can.

"Chloe- I ca- can't breathe." I say as I try to push her off of me. Chloe laughs and I feel something being thrown at me. I look down to see a couple of marshmallows and look up at Ashton. "Really?" I ask. Ashton just nods and smirks.

"I'm gonna go to that college beside yours." Chloe says. "If you like it or not. That college is better for me, and I can't just leave you alone on the other side of the country."

I sigh. I can't talk her out of it now. "What about Luke?" I ask. "He's gonna miss you to death."

"Yeah, I'll miss him to death too, but we'll make it work. What about Ashton? He's gonna miss you to death." Chloe says.

She's right. We're gonna miss each other to death. To death. I can't do that to him, or to me. We're gonna be so lost without each other. I know we'll both start again. We can't, after all we've been through trying to stop, and I finally stopped for him. "Oh my god." I mumble under my breath.

"What?" Chloe asks.

I look over at Ashton and he looks at me. He looks concerned because he doesn't know what's running through my mind right now. I shake it off and give him a fake smile. I'll just talk to him later. "Nothing." I say. "Ashton and I decided that we're gonna work it out and that it won't come between us."


After being at Calums house for a while Ashton and I decided to go back to his place. "Ash?" I say as he shuts his door behind him.

"What's wrong?" He asks as he takes my hand. We both go into his bedroom and I sit on his bed with my legs crossed.

"When I leave, we can't start again." I whisper. A tear falls from my eye as I look up at Ashton.

Ashton quickly sits beside me and holds my hands. "Start what? Why are you crying? Elli what's wrong?" He asks worried.

"We can't start cutting again. It's gonna be a living hell not being with each other but we can't start again." I whisper as I rest my forehead on his chest. "If we did, we wouldn't have anyone to help, because you and I both know that we understand each other more than anyone else ever could." I say with tears streaming down my face.

Ashton gently kisses the top of my head. His hands wrap around my waist and I move my head so it's in the crook of his neck and I'm sitting in his lap. "I promise I won't do it." Ashton whispers.

"I promise I won't either." I whisper. I feel Ashton place a soft kiss on my shoulder and then my neck. "I love you." I say as I look at him in the eyes.

A small smiles spreads across Ashton's lips. "I love you too." He says gently. Ashton leans down and rests his lips agains mine. After a moment our lips move in sync and I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. Like all have my problems have been taken away because Ashton is here. Ashton is the one who takes my pain and problems away. He's the one who saves me.

I slowly release from the kiss and rest my forehead against Ashton's. His hands slide down my sides and rest on my hips, under my shirt. Ashton smiles so big that his beautiful dimples show. I smile and kiss one and Ashton giggles. Ashton slowly lays back and pulls me down with him so I'm ontop of him. "You're beautiful." He whispers as he looks into my eyes.

"Thank you." I whisper. I straddle him and kiss him hardly. He frees his hands from my grip and his hands slide down my sides and up my shirt. I shiver as his warm fingers go up my back and as he takes off my shirt. Ashton quickly flips me onto my back and he quickly takes off his shirt. He kisses me hardly and a soft moan escapes my lips, alowing his tongue to enter my mouth. His tongue exploring every section of my mouth.

I slowly take off my bra as we kiss and throw it on to the floor. Ashton smiles against my lips as his hands slide up my stomach and onto my lower chest. He kisses down my neck and sucks on every spot until he finds my sweet spot. I moan and slide my hands down his chest and onto his v-line. Ashton softly moans and I quickly unbutton his jeans and he kicks them off. I slide my hands down his boxers and he moans against my neck and I smile. He quickly unbuttons my jeans and I kick them off under the sheets.

"You wanna do something fun?" Ashton smiles and winks.

"Anything you want." I smirk as I slide my hand up and down on his clothed member, teasing him.

Ashton moans inside of the crook of my neck. "Stop teasing." He groans. I giggle and slide off his boxers. I slowly start to pump him with my hand and I feel his lips move against my neck as he moans. I do it faster and faster. "God.. Elli." He moans. I stop and he takes off my underwear. His hand slides inbetween my legs and I moan against his lips. Ashton finally inserts himself inside of me without warning and starts to thrust in and out. I moan as his thrust become faster and harder. I begin to move my hips along with his thrusts and Ashton moans into my shoulder as I moan into his neck.

After all of the wonderful pleasure Ashton stops thrusting and removes himself from inside of me. He lays down beside me and pulls me into his chest. "I love you Elli." He whispers against my forehead.

"I love you too Ash," I whisper. I love Ashton not only because of his personality and because he's absolutely amazing and loving and caring. But because he is the one who understands me the most.

And the one who saved me.

Wow. I can't believe I did this to this story. THEIR GONNA BE SEPARATED ACROSS THE DAMN COUNTRY. Love you allxx


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