I thought I was the shy girl in school. I always thought the guy I was head over heals for would never like me. I was the girl who no one talked to. The girl who was bullied. It all started since my dad died. But then he liked me.
And everything changed.


14. The Last Week of School


Elli's POV:

"El, what are we going to do?" Chloe yells. "This is the last week of school and we have to do something on Friday."

"Isn't there always a party we're invited to? The whole school is." I sigh. I really don't want to make a big deal about graduating school.

"Elli. This is a big deal. We are graduating, you're going to one of the best colleges in the country." Chloe explains.

I sigh and open my locker. "I'm not throwing a party." I say.

"What are we bickering about?" Calum asks as he grabs his things from his locker beside mine.

"I wanna do something on Friday because it's the last day of school. The whole school gets invited to a stupid party and that's what Elli wants to do because she doesn't know how to have fun." Chloe says.

Calum laughs. "Michael and I arn't going to that party. Luke and Ashton didn't want to but they're waiting for what you want to do."

I groan as I grab my bag and shut my locker. "Ashton!" I yell as I see him. "What are we doing Friday?"

"Anything you want to do. I really don't care." He says as Luke nods, in agreement.

"See, these two don't care what we do. Chloe it's not that big of a deal." I say.

Chloe groans and looks at Luke. "You don't get shit tonight." She says.

Michael comes over laughing his ass off. "Poor Luke." He laughs. I laugh and Luke glares at Michael. "Love ya too Lukey." Michael says as he messes up Luke's hair and walks away with Calum.

I laugh an Ashton and I walk away. "Don't worry, just take her home. You'll get it." I say before I walk away. Luke smiles and takes Chloe's hand and they follow us out of the school.


"I'm home!" I yell as I walk inside my house. I take off my shoes and set my bag by the door.

"Welcome home, you seem awfully happy." My mom smiles as she comes from the kitchen.

"Well, it's the last week of school." I smile. "Also I've been waiting for that letter and we're supposed to get it this week." I say.

"Well there's some bad news." My mom says as she frowns a little. I look at her confused. "The letter came in before you came home." She smiles and quickly hands it to me.

I take it and read what it says. It tells me what dorm I'm in and the fact that I'm not sharing my room with anyone. "Thank god." I breathe out. "I don't have to share my room with anyone. If someone new comes though, they might be in my room. It depends on what they play." I explain.

"Thats great, you get your privacy." My mom smiles. I smile back at her and keep reading the letter. It tells me all the classes that are required and what I can and can't do.

"Can I go show Ashton?" I ask. My mom nods and I slip on my shoes and go outside into my car.

As I reach Ashton's apartment I knock on the door. A bright smile forms on Ashton's face as he opens the door. "I got the letter." I sing as I walk in.

Ashton takes the letter from me and begins to read it. "You little shit, you don't have to share a room with anyone. Elli, I have to share a fucking room with Calum. He doesn't pick up his stupid beanies or clothes-"

"Wait, and you're complaining because? You don't do that either." I smirk.

Ashton rolls his eyes and keeps reading the letter. "Its a good thing you get long weekends a lot." He says. "So we can both visit on them." I nod and Ashton bends down to kiss me. "I'm so proud of you." He mumbles against my lips.

I slowly snake my arms around his neck. "I'm proud of you too. I know for a fact you're going to make it."

Ashton smiles. "You know what the best part of this is?" He asks. I shake my head. "You have a dorm to yourself, so when I visit we can have so much fun." He winks before he kisses me.

I smile into his lips and Ashton carefully picks me up. He then sets me on the counter releases from the kiss. Ashton looks into my eyes. "What?" I giggle softly.

"You're just so beautiful." He smiles. "Your hair, your eyes, your body, your flaws, everything about you is beautiful and I feel terrible for not saying it by now." He whispers as he looks over my face. "Sometimes, I think that you deserve someone better than me."

"Don't say that." I say as I softly kiss him. "I don't deserve anyone better than you, if anything, you deserve someone better than me. Someone that doesn't scare you half to death."

Ashton giggles. "When you scare me, it makes us both know how much we love each other." He says. "I don't need anyone more than you, you're perfect in every way."

I smile and kiss Ashton's dimple. He giggles and picks me up again and carries me into his room. I laugh as I play with his hair and he sits on top of my legs as he lays me down. "You better not tickle me." I warn.

"What would you do if I did?" He asks. His hands move towards my waist and I glare at him.

"If I kissed you will you stop?" I ask.

"Well, you're going to kiss me either way anyways." Ashton smirks and slowly starts to tickle my sides. I squeal as he tickles my stomach and try to escape from his grip. "Nope, you're staying right here." Ashton laughs.

I laugh and catch his wrists. "I'm going to miss your tickles." I say. I'm going to miss Ashton in all. His dimples, his hazel eyes, his hair, his weirdly long fingers. I'm going to miss all his perfections and flaws and I can't help but think about it.

"Hey, it's going to be okay. Every time I see you I'll tickle you if you want." Ashton smiles and kisses my forehead as he sits down beside me.

I slowly sit up on the bed and lay my head on his shoulder. "It's going to be four years." I whisper. "Four more years of hell."

"We have summer breaks. We can spend two there and two here. We also have the breaks that we have once a month, where we have like five days off of school." He explains. Ashton kisses my temple. "We'll make it work Elli. I promise. I'm not going to lose you."

I smile and turn to kiss him. "I'm not going to lose you either."


Ashton kisses my cheek as we finish eating our pizza. "Do you wanna stay the night for school tomorrow? Or do you want to go home?" He asks.

"I wanna stay here." I smile. "I like staying here." I smile up at Ashton and he kisses my temple. He always makes me feel so loved and wanted and I love that.

"What do you want to do then? It's only 8." Ashton whispers. Ashton's kisses me softly and I wrap my arms around his neck.

"This but way more." I smirk.

Ashton smirks and stands up with me infront of him. He kisses me hardly as he guides me into his bedroom. He pushes me against the wall and holds both of my hands above my head as we kiss. Ashton kisses down my cheek and onto my sweet spot and I can't help but moan softly. He takes his one hand and slowly glides it up my shirt and takes it off.

As my hands are free I quickly rip off Ashton's shirt and kiss him hardly. I push him down onto the bed and slowly slide my hands down his abs, making Ashton moan softly. I slowly start to unbutton Ashton's jeans and slide my hands down his boxers. As I pull off his boxers Ashton becomes a moaning mess as I slowly start to suck him. Teasing him more and more. "Elli." He practically begs.

Ashton begins to thrust into my mouth and his fingers get intertwined Into my hair. As Ashton is about to reach his climax I stop and he groans softly. I smirk and Ashton flips me over so he's on top of me. He kisses me hardly and softly bites my bottom lip, wanting and entrance. I allow and his tongue enters my mouth, exploring every part of it. Ashton slowly kisses down my neck and stomach, making my hips rise a little. He unbuttons my skinny jeans and glides his hands down my theighs as he slides them off. Ashton comes back up and kisses me again. I run my fingers through his hair as he slides his hand down my stomach. "Ashton." I breathe out as he slowly starts to grind on me through my underwear. I let out a soft moan against his lips. "Stop teasing."

Ashton smiles as he kisses down my neck and slowly stops grinding on me. He slides down my underwear and without warning he slowly thrusts inside of me. I moan against Ashton's lips as he thrusts faster and faster. I become a complete moaning mess as Ashton keeps thrusting faster and I start to move my hips along with his. Ashton's thrusts become sloppy and he moans uncontrollably into my shoulder. I wrap my legs around his waist and run my fingers down his back as we both reach our climaxes.

Ashton slowly stops thrusting and kisses passionately as he lays down beside me. He pulls me close to him and I lay my head on his chest. "I love you Elli." He whispers.

"I love you too."

Like the sexy chapter???? Love you allxx I'm still debating on who I should write about in a new movella. Votes are tied for Luke and Michael.. Next vote wins.

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