I thought I was the shy girl in school. I always thought the guy I was head over heals for would never like me. I was the girl who no one talked to. The girl who was bullied. It all started since my dad died. But then he liked me.
And everything changed.


15. The Last Day.

Ashton's POV:

"Mr. Irwin, did I tell you to speak?" My English teacher asks, interrupting my conversation with Michael.

"No mam." I reply and Michael does everything not to laugh.

"Just because it's the last day of school, doesn't mean you kiss can goof around all you want- now where was I." The teacher says.

Michael laughs beside me and I punch him in the side. I tap my pencil against the desk, waiting for the bell to ring. We've decided to go to the party tonight. Chloe talked Elli and Luke into going and Luke talked the rest of us into going.

The bell finally rings and I grab my things and walk out into the hall. I take everything out of my locker and put on my beanie and my jacket. I quickly grab my bag and walk over to Elli's locker. "Hey beautiful." I smile as I kiss her cheek.

"Hey," Elli smiles as she shuts her locker door and wraps her bag around her shoulder. "Can you believe it? We graduated." She laughs.

"No I can't." I giggle. "What time do we have to be at the party?"

"It starts at seven." Elli says. "So probably 7:30 or 8."

"Does that mean you can come over before the party?" I smirk as we reach my car. I wrap my arms around Elli's waist and kiss her softly. She giggles and nods before she gets in the passengers side of my car.


"Ready?" Elli asks. "Chloe is leaving with Luke. Michael and Calum are already there." She explains.

"Yeah," I say as I grab my keys. "Are you gonna get wasted tonight?" I wink as I poor rue some dog food and walk out of my apartment with Elli.

"Probably, since you're driving home." She laughs.

I laugh and we both hop into my car. It takes about five minutes to reach the party. It seems like it's already fully started. The smell and vodka and beer fills my nose as we both walk inside and Elli runs over to Chloe. "Hey!" Michael says and hands me a cup of beer. "Are we getting wasted tonight?"

"Can't." I yell over the music. "I'm driving."

"Come on Ash, it's our last high school party. You and Elli can easily walk to her house that's not even two blocks away if you get trashed." Michael practically begs.

I laugh and roll my eyes. "Fine." I say as I take a huge gulp of my beer. Michael laughs and wanders off somewhere in the house. I walk over to Elli who already has a cup of beer too. "Michael wants me to get trashed." I laugh.

"But you have to drive home." Elli says and makes a small puppy dog face.

"Don't worry, I won't. But if I do we can walk to your house." I say. Elli nods and I remove a strand of her hair from her face. She looks beautiful and I just want to kiss and cuddle her to death right now. Her skinny jeans and flannel tied around her waist doesn't help at all from not wanting her to push her up against a wall and kiss her.

Elli finishes her cup of beer before she kisses me hardly. I smile against her lips and pull her close to me with my free hand. "Wow, the two lovebirds are already making out." Calum laughs as he walks over to us.

I laugh. "I think Chloe and Luke already went upstairs, they're not down here." I say. A couple minutes ago I saw them go somewhere out of the corner of my eye. They're probably making out somewhere.

Calum laughs and walks away somewhere. Elli takes my hand and drags me over to a couch in the corner of a room. I look at her with a questioning look, wondering why we're here. "I thought it would be better to kiss here." She giggles.

I laugh and sit down on the couch. I pull her down beside me and kiss her hardly. "Only for a little while." I mumble against her lips.

+++ {Elli's POV}

The party has been surprisingly fun. We're outside now, standing around a bonfire someone started. Someone got their sweatshirt caught on fire and I couldn't help but laugh then.

"Arn't you glad I made you all go to this 'stupid' party?" Chloe asks.

"It's better than I thought." I laugh as I button up my black and red flannel.

Ashton giggles into my shoulder with his arms wrapped around my waist. "You're so pretty, Elli." He mumbles against my neck.

"Drunk Ashton?" Luke asks.

I laugh and nod. "He's going to be so hungover in the morning." Michael laughs. "I'm glad that you have to deal with him instead of us."

"Hey!" Ashton protests. "Elli, you're sexy." He giggles again. I sigh and take his beer from his hand and he pouts. I smile and shake my head. Ashton sighs and stuffs his face in my shoulder once again. "Can we have fun later?"

Calum laughs hysterically. "If you make one comment, I'm not going to drive you home." I warn.

Luke laughs and so does Chloe. "He's not that bad, he just complains a lot." Luke says.

I sigh and look at the time. "It's midnight." I say. "I'm gonna get going."

"I agree, Mali's going to flip if I get more trashed than I already am." Calum says. I laugh and I say goodbyes to Chloe, Luke, and Michael. Ashton keeps mumbling into my shoulder. "Want me to carry him?" Calum asks as he sets down his beer.

Without me answering he lifts Ashton up and puts him on his shoulder. "Wehee Calum!" Ashton giggles. I roll my eyes and laugh as we finally reach Ashton's car. I grab Ashton's keys from his back pocket and Calum throws him in the back seat. I start the car as Calum gets in the passengers seat and I start to drive towards Calums house.

"Ashton will be fine tomorrow. Probably hungover, but he'll start saying sorry for everything and complain about his headache a lot." Calum explains.

I laugh and we finally reach Calums house. "Bye." I wave before Calum gets out and waves again.

I look in the back seat to see Ashton. "You're cheating on me?" He asks as he stares out the window at Calum.

I sigh. "I'm not cheating on you. I had to drop Calum off and you're drunk so we put you in the back seat. I promise."

Ashton smiles. "I love you Elli." He cheers as I start to drive away.

"I love you too Ashy." I say as I park infront of his apartment building. I open the door for Ashton and we make our way upstairs. Ashton awkwardly runs into his bedroom when we walk in his apartment. I smile as I see rue sleeping on the couch and I lock the door.

I walk into Ashton's room and Ashton lays on the bed, under the covers and stares at me. "Are you naked?" I ask. Ashton smirks and shakes his head and I sigh and quickly put on my sweatpants. I take off my flannel, leaving me in a tanktop and climb into bed beside Ashton.

Ashton kisses me and I smile against his lips. "I'm tired." He mumbles against my shoulder. I giggle and Ashton finally falls asleep.

+++{The next day}

"Fuck." Ashton groans as he rolls over in bed. "Why the hell did you let me drink that much?"

I laugh and roll over on my side, facing him. "You're the one who was supposed to drive home, but you had to take Michael's advice and get drunk." I giggle.

Ashton groans. "Can I have some aspirin?" He asks. "And tea? And food? Elli, I'm really hungry and I love you." He mumbles into his pillow.

"I love you too." I smile and kiss his cheek. "I'll make you food and your tea and I'll get you your aspirin."

Ashton groans something into the pillow and I get him his aspirin and make him a cup of hot tea. I quickly make Ashton pancakes and bring everything to him. "Thank you." Ashton mumbles as he takes the aspirin and devours his pancakes. "I'm sorry. I love you so much." He says as he kisses my temple.

I smile. "I love you too." Ashton sighs and I watch him eat his food. He looks so tired and in pain. I curl up beside Ashton as he sets his plate on the night stand. "Go to sleep." I whisper.

"I love you." He whispers before he falls asleep again.

How'd you like this chapter? Have any ideas for what to happen in the summer? I don't know what to happen in the summer.. Love you allxx


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