I thought I was the shy girl in school. I always thought the guy I was head over heals for would never like me. I was the girl who no one talked to. The girl who was bullied. It all started since my dad died. But then he liked me.
And everything changed.


9. Skylar.

Ashton's POV:

Elli's eyes flutter open as I softly kiss her head. "Good morning." She mumbles.

I laugh softly. "It's not morning. It's midnight."

"Oh," Elli mumbles into my arm. "But I don't wanna go back to bed."

"You don't have you, we both slept for six hours." I say as I pull Elli closer to me. "What do you wanna do?"

"I don't know." She whispers. "I'm sorry about earlier. Thank you for being here."

I slowly sit up and Elli sits up with me. "I'll always be here." I say. I stare at her beautiful long brunette hair, and her blue eyes. I want to tell her about my scars. I just don't want to see her cry. "Elli," I whisper. "I have to tell you something." I say as I fiddle with my bracelets.

"What's wrong?" She asks worriedly.

I take a deep breath and quickly take off my bracelets. Elli takes my wrist and stares at the white bumpy lines on my wrist. "Two years ago I used to cut." I say. "I quit for the band."

Elli slowly rubs her thumb over my scars. "I love you." She whispers as she looks up at me.

I pull Elli into my arms and kiss her softly and slowly. "I love you too." I mumble against her lips.


Elli's POV:

Ashton left yesterday morning so he could take care of Rue. I still can't believe that he used to cut. Ashton used to cut. He was one of the most popular kids in school but he still did it. I'm suprised, but I'm glad he understands a little what it feels like, and that he can help me through this. I guess everyone just has their secrets.

"Hey Elli." Calum says snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Hey." I say as I open my locker.

"I have to ask you something." Calum says. I nod and he continues. "Okay so you know that Skylar girl in math?" He asks. I nod as I grab my books and shut my locker. Skylar is one of the girls who pick on me. "Well we've been talking for the past week and I really like her. Should I ask her out?" Calum asks as we start walking to our next class. "Everyone else says I should, including Chloe. I just thought I should ask you."

Chloe doesn't know that Skylar bullies me, nor does Ashton, Michael, Luke or Calum. I don't know what to say. I take a deep breath. "I, uh." I say. I stop in the middle of the hallway and look at Calum.

"Is everything okay?" He asks.

"Yeah." I say as I keep walking. "Ask her to go to the show on Friday."

"See, this is why I am so glad you are dating Ashton." Calum laughs.

I give him a fake smile as he laughs. We both go into our classes across the hall from each other and I sit next to Chloe. "Is Calum gonna ask Skylar out?" She asks.

"He's gonna ask her to go to the show on Friday." I say as I open my notebook. Skylar has long brown hair with blonde highlights. I don't really know her that well, but what I do know is that she's one of the people who used to bully me. She still does sometimes. "Skylar is one of the people who bully me." I mumble.

"What?" Chloe asks.

"Skylar is one of the people who occasionally bully me." I say so only she can hear. I tap my pencil on my desk and take a deep breath. "If she says yes to Calum I hope she doesn't like kill me."

"She won't kill you, maybe you guys can become friends." Chloe says.

I sigh. I highly dout that Skylar and I would ever become friends.


After my sixth class of the day I drop off my things at my locker. I feel Ashton's hand intertwine with mine as I shut my locker. I look up and smile at him. He softly kisses my cheek and we start walking to lunch. Ashton slightly tickles my hand and I jump and pull my hand away.

"Ashton!" I laugh.

"Damn, I never knew you were that ticklish." He laughs. I laugh and squeeze his hand so he can't tickle it again. "And I never knew you had strong hands." He says as he tries to stretch his fingers.

I laugh and loosen my grip. "Excessive piano playing for ya."

Ashton laughs and we both walk into the lunch room. We get our food before we sit down at our usual table. As I sit down between Chloe and Ashton I spot Skylar and Calum coming over to our table. I tense as she sits down in front of me. She smirks at me. "Hey piano geek." She mouths to me.

I bite my lip and slowly pick at my food. Ashton sets his hand on my leg under the table. He knows something is wrong but doesn't know what. "I'm going to talk to Marlene." I say as I get up.

I dump my tray and Skylar smirks at me as I leave the lunch room. I quickly walk into the lesson room and find Marlene. "I need to play." I say as I sit down at the piano.

"No, your lesson isn't until your last class." Marlene says as she puts the flap over the piano keys. "What's wrong?"

I take a deep breath and sigh. "You know that Skylar girl?" I ask. Marlene nods. "Well Skylar is one of the many people who bully me or used to bully me. Calum asked her to sit with us at lunch today and she was purposely intimidating me. I really don't want to hang out with her if her and Calum start dating."

"Who else knows that Skylar used to bully you?" She asks.

"Chloe, and who ever Skylars friends are. And she still does." I correct her.

"Tell Ashton." Marlene suggests. "He's gonna ask you why you left lunch anyways."

I sigh and nod. Just then the bell rings and I say bye to Marlene. As I walk to my locker someone comes up beside me. "Aww piano geek went running to her teacher for help? Poor thing." Skylar says as she shoves my arm.

"Leave me alone." I mumble as I reach my locker.

"Why? I'm gonna be here every day now since I'm with Calum." She smirks. "I'm gonna have to see your ugly face while I eat my lunch, gotta get used to it."

I grab my things out of my locker and bite my lip. "What's going on here?" I hear his voice say. Ashton. I look up at him and he seems angry.

"Oh just talking to Elli. I thought I would get to know her more since I'm dating Calum." Skylar lies.

"Oh that's nice." Ashton smiles. I can't believe he fell for it. "But why did I just hear you call my girlfriend ugly? And a piano geek?" Ashton says, getting angrier.

"I- I never-" Skylar starts.

"Bullshit." Ashton cuts her off. "You probably just accepted Calums offer so you can get popular. I'll tell him your little secret in my last class, and then he's going to dump your sorry ass." Ashton says.

Ashton takes my hand and shuts my locker door. We both walk to our next class and Ashton tightens his grip on my hand. "She made me mad." Ashton quietly says.

"Thank you though." I say as I look up at him.

Ashton looks down and stares into my eyes for a second. He then smiles and his grip loosens as his dimples show. "Anything."

I smile and we both walk into the music room. Ashton sits next to me as the class starts. "Okay, so who here knows how to play an Insturment that we have in this room?" The teacher asks. Ashton and I both raise our hands as the rest of the class does. "Great," Mr. Spence says. "For the rest of this week everyone will be playing a song for the class. It can be a duet, or alone, and you have to do this assignment." He explains.

The teacher looks at me, knowing I play the piano. He said before that I'm the best he's ever heard. "Does anyone want to go today?" He asks.

Two people raise their hands, including Ashton. The teacher gladly calls on Ashton and Ashton goes over to the drumset. He begins to play and I immediately know what song it is. Everyone else in this room who goes to their shows should too. I sing She Looks So Perfect in my head as Ashton plays and he smiles at me.

After Ashton is finished everyone claps. "Well Mr. Irwin, you get an A+ on this assignment." Mr. Spence says. Ashton laughs slightly and sits back down beside me. "We have time for one more." The teacher says.

Ashton nudges me to raise my hand and I bite my lip. I'm scared to play, I'm scared that I will make a total fool out of myself. And I don't know if I want to play the guitar or piano. "Elli, you're a good piano player and since no one else is raising their hands, mind playing?" The teacher asks.

I look up at him and Ashton smiles at me. I take a deep breath as I make my way over to the piano. I slowly start to play the song I finished writing a couple weeks ago. I bite my lip and close my eyes as I play. I slowly start to relax, letting the music take the fear away.

After a couple minutes the bell rings as soon as I finish the song. I quickly grab my things and walk out of the classroom with Ashton. "You were great in there." He says as he walks beside me.

"Thank you, are you going to tell Calum?" I ask as we reach the door of Marlene's classroom.

"Yes, don't worry I will." Ashton says. "I'll see you after school."


"I broke up with her." Calum says as he walks with me to our lockers.

"I'm sorry Calum." I sigh. "I feel like I'm controlling your relationships."

Calum laughs slightly as we reach our lockers. "You're not controlling anything. I don't want to date someone that bullies anyone. Including one of my best friends." He explains.

I smile and grab my things from my locker. "Bye," I say as I shut my locker.

"See ya." Calum says. I walk over to Ashton and Chloe's lockers since they are beside each other.

"Hey beautiful." Ashton smiles as he shuts his locker.

"Hey beautiful." Chloe mocks Ashton. I laugh and then Luke comes over. He kisses Chloe's temple and she blushes.

Ashton laughs and holds my hand. "Well we're gonna go." Ashton says.

Luke and Chloe nod and Ashton and I start to head for the school doors. "Thank you for telling Cal-"

"You bitch!" Someone cuts me off when we walk outside. Ashton and I both turn around to see Skylar. "You two made Calum break up with me!" She yells.

"You don't deserve to be with Calum." I say. "You talk shit about everyone and the last boyfriend you dated you cheated on, and knowing you, you will probably do it to Calum."

Skylar scoffs. "Skylar, just leave us the hell alone." Ashton says. He takes my hand and we then both walk away, leaving Skylar. "You're such a badass." Ashton says as we reach his car.

I laugh and kiss him. "I'm your badass."

Ashton laughs and kisses me softly. "Wanna come to my place?"

"I can't, I have to practice my piece for the concert remember? It's on Saturday." I explain.

Ashton nods. "I'm gonna be there and embarrass you." He giggles as we get in to his car.

"If you do Ashton I'll kill you." I laugh. Ashton laughs and starts to drive to my house.

After Ashton drops me off I walk inside of the house, knowing my mom is home. As soon as I walk in I'm greeted with a hug. "Um, what was that for?" I ask my mom as I take off my shoes.

Just then a man walks out from the living room. "Honey, I have a boyfriend and I would like you to meet him."

Sorry I haven't updated.. It's been hectic the past couple days. But here you go!! Hope you liked the long chapter. Love you allxx


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