I thought I was the shy girl in school. I always thought the guy I was head over heals for would never like me. I was the girl who no one talked to. The girl who was bullied. It all started since my dad died. But then he liked me.
And everything changed.


7. Scars

Elli's POV

"Okay Elli, today we are going to learn a new song." My piano lesson teacher says as she hands me a couple sheets of paper. I sit down at the piano bench and she sits beside me. "Watch me, I'll go slow."

I nod and watch her. I follow along to the music as she plays and she only plays the first fifteen measures. I try after her and struggle with the hard notes. I laugh as I horribly screw up the song. "Come on, do it again." She laughs. "Try to sight read the whole song."

I nod and do what she says. I struggle at most of it but am really good at some parts. "You did wonderful for playing this for your first time. I want you to practice this at home okay?" My lesson teacher Marlene says.

"I will. Thanks Mar." I say as I grab my bag. I wave goodbye to her as the bell rings and walk over to my locker. I straiten my sweater and put my things in my locker as I grab my phone.

"Hey beautiful." Ashton says behind me. I smile and blush down at the floor as I shut my locker door. Ashton takes my hand and kisses my cheek. "Am I taking you home or do you wanna come to my house?" He asks.

"Let's go to my house. My moms not home, she went to my aunts today because she's moving." I explain.

Ashton smiles and kisses me as we walk outside. I curl up in the passagers seat and buckle up as Ashton drives to my house. I sigh and stare out the window. Everything is different now. I have a boyfriend, my mom and I get along, and I have more friends instead of just Chloe.

But then, I'm bullied more. I'm still bullied for being shy like before but now people are picking on me for being with Ashton and being friends with Luke, Michael, and Calum. "Elli, are you okay?" Ashton asks as we pull into my driveway.

"Yeah im fine." I lie. I get out of the car and Ashton follows me into the house. I take Ashton's hand and lead him upstairs into my room. I shut the door behind me and Ashton snakes his arms around my waist.

"You're beautiful you know that right?" He asks as he pushes me against the wall.

I giggle. "You've said that about five times today."

Ashton laughs and rests his forehead against mine. "I love you." He whispers.

"I love you too." I whisper. Ashton's lips skim against mine and then he kisses me hardy. My hands wrap around his neck as I stand on my tiptoes to kiss him. Ashton bends down and picks me up. I laugh into his shoulder and wrap my legs around his waist.

Ashton lays me down on the bed and sits on my legs. "Are you ticklish?" He asks.

"Ashton.." I warn as his fingers find my sides. Ashton starts to tickle me and I scream and laugh. "Ashton!" I scream. "Stop!"

Ashton laughs and stops tickling me. He gets off of my legs and sits on my bed and leans his back against the wall. "Can you belive that Luke and Chloe are dating?" He asks. "I still can't believe it and it's been like two weeks."

"Nope I can't. They're like the opposite but opposites attract." I laugh. "Wanna see if they want to come over? Calum and Michael can to. It's Friday so if my mom comes home she shouldn't care."

"Sure, I'll text Michael and Calum and you can text Luke and Chloe." Ashton says as he gets out his phone.

I text Chloe and Luke that they can come over and that Michael and Calum are too. Chloe replies that her and Luke will come and that they will be here soon.

"They're gonna be here soon." Ashton says. "Let's do something until they get here." Ashton smirks as he pulls me in his lap.

"Like what?" I smirk.

Ashton smiles and kisses the side of my lip. "Like this." He whispers against my lips. He then kisses me softly and slowly. Ashton holds my hands as he kisses me and softly kisses down my neck.

I hear the doorbell ring and sigh. "Ashton," I whisper. "I think they're here."

"But I wanna kiss you." He whines.

I giggle. "Ashton, come on." Ashton sighs and we both get up. I jog downstairs and open the door to see Luke, Chloe, Michael, and Calum.

"Dude! That's my fucking beanie!" Ashton yells at Calum and takes the black beanie off of his head.

"You left it at my house." Calum says as he chases Ashton upstairs. I hear them go into my room.

"I swear to god if you break something!" I yell as I race upstairs. I walk in to see Ashton under my piano and Calum on my piano bench.

"You fucking idiots." Michael says as he shakes his head. I laugh and sit down on my bed. Ashton gets out from under the piano and puts on his beanie in my mirror.

"So," Ashton asks. "What are we going to do?" He says as he sits next to me on the bed. Chloe sits ontop of my piano as Luke and Calum sit in my beanbags and Michael sits on the piano bench.

"Netflix and popcorn downstairs?" Chloe asks.

Everyone agrees and we all go down in the living room. Ashton and Michael make popcorn in the kitchen while Chloe and I pick something out on Netflix. "Come on, we have to watch oculus." Calum says as he sits in the recliner. Luke nods in agreement.

"No. It's scary." Chloe and I whine.

"What's scary?" Ashton asks as he walks out with about four bowls of popcorn.

"Oculus." I say as I look up at him.

"Oh come on Elli, we have to watch that." Ashton says as he hands Calum and Luke a bowl of popcorn. Michael and Calum have their own bowl while Ashton and I share a bowl and Luke and Chloe share a bowl.

I sigh. "Fine." I mumble. I press play on the movie and curl up in a blanket in between Ashton's legs.


"I hate all of you." I say after the movie is finished.

"Why?" Michael laughs.

"Because you all made me watch that movie and it made me scream!" I laugh.

"But it was awesome, you have to admit that." Calum says.

I sigh and glare at him. "I think Elli needs to go to bed." Ashton says. Chloe laughs and nods with him.

"I need to go home anyways.. My mom said not to stay out too late, guess I broke that rule." Luke laughs as she looks at the clock.

"I'll see you later El," Chloe says. "We have that stupid family dinner tomorrow."

I nod and Luke and Chloe leave. Calum and Michael leave shortly after and it's just Ashton an I now. "So," Ashton mumbles against my neck. "What do you wanna do?"

I giggle softly and Ashton kisses me. I slowly release from the kiss and look into Ashton's eyes. Ashton smiles and I take his hand. "Let's go upstairs." I whisper.

When I shut my bedroom door Ashton kisses me hardly. He slowly guides me over to my bed and Ashton comes over top of me as I lay down. He softly kisses down my neck and a soft moan escapes his lips as I take off his shirt. Ashton's hand slowly slides up my sweater and it's stops at my sides. I feel his fingers over my scars and a tear forms in my eye. "I'm sorry." I whisper.

Ashton slowly lifts up my sweater and looks at all my scars on my sides. Ashton then kisses me softly. "Elli, I love you. I love all of your flaws and everything about you." He whispers.

A tear falls from my eye and Ashton lays beside me. I curl up in his chest and he kisses the top of my head. "I'm so sorry." I whisper. "I have more on my theighs. That's it."

"I don't care. Your beautiful the way you are. I love you." Ashton whispers.

"I love you too." I whisper. Ashton kisses me one last time before we both fall asleep.

Did you like this chapter? It's mainly a fill in chapter. Love you allxx


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