I thought I was the shy girl in school. I always thought the guy I was head over heals for would never like me. I was the girl who no one talked to. The girl who was bullied. It all started since my dad died. But then he liked me.
And everything changed.


5. Problem Solved?

Elli's POV:

"I don't wanna go." I whine as I tie my hair up into a pony tail.

"El, you know we have to. Your mom is your mom and she has to be there for you like any other mom." Ashton says.

I sigh and sit on his bed. "I can live without her. I'm seventeen."

Ashton sits beside me and turns me so I'm facing him. "El, your going to need someone there that understands what your going through when you get older." He says. Ashton then let's out a deep sigh. "When I was two, my dad left. I never had that father son bonding like everyone else gets. I know what it's like to not have someone there that understands you for like your whole life. And I don't want you living without your mother for the rest of your life." Ashton explains.

"I'm so sorry." I whisper.

Ashton shakes his head. "Don't be." He whispers. "Are you going to come now?"

"No, but your gonna make me so I better do it now." I sigh as I get up.

I follow Ashton downstairs and into my car. I drive back to my house and see that my moms car is there. I let myself in and walk into the living room. "Finally decide to come home?" My mom asks. "Who's this young man?"

"My boyfriend." I say as I lean against the wall. I don't know what to do. I don't know what to say to her.

"You know. I know personally what it's like to grow up without someone who understands what your going through as a kid. My father left when I was two and it sucked growing up. Don't you ever wonder how much it sucked for Elli when you weren't there?" Ashton says. I take a deep breath and stare at the couch. He knows I don't know what to say.

"I know." My mother says as she stares at her hands. "I was horrible back then and then when her father died I knew she would need someone. I tried. I really tried." She ends with a whisper.

"Seems like you didn't care the other day." I mumble.

"Would you get over that? Who the hell cares that it was in mine and your fathers room?!" She yells.

"I fucking care because that was dad's room. And you did it when I was home." I start to sob. "And because it wasn't dad." I choke out through the tears. Ashton tries to hold my hand but I let go. "Dad was more of a parent than you throughout all of my life. I don't want a step dad. I don't want anyone else in that fucking room except me, or in dad's office. Dad is still my one parent and, by the way you act now, it seems like you will never be." I choke out.

My mom looks like someone just through her across the room and she's broken. Her eyes water up and she turns away. I walk out of the living room and up to my room. I sit on my piano bench and cry. I really want my mother back. I want a mother around for when I get older. When I have my first child. My wedding day. Everything a woman goes through.

I don't want a step father. I don't want her to be screwing other guys. I know that dad is still here somehow but it just sucks that he isn't fully here.

I sigh and place my fingers on the piano keys. I slowly start to play random notes and chords from different songs I know. I then lead off to playing Therapy, by All time Low. I close my eyes as I play and sway along to the music. It seems like I only play the piano when I'm upset. I play it when I'm happy too, but that's when I write songs. I play my favorite songs when I'm sad, or depressed, or angry.

I hear my door open as I play but I keep playing. I feel someone sit beside me, thinking it's Ashton. But then I hear them start playing the piano as I do. I hear the melody of the song and only one person I know knows the melody. My mother.

I stop playing and look over at her. She looks so hurt and so upset. "Your boyfriend, he really loves and cares about you." She says. "He wants you to have a mother, and I want you to have one too. Elli I'm sorry that I wasn't there for you. I know that sorry doesn't work but there is nothing else I can do except say sorry for everything I have done because it was that bad." She says and tears form in her eyes.

I slowly place my hand on hers. "I'll move all of my crap into the other bedroom downstairs, I won't go into your dad's office at all or his room once I'm out of there, and I promise I won't bring any guys home. I will be the perfect single mom that a girl always wants." She chokes out.

"Thank you." I whisper. "I'm okay with the bringing home guys thing but just don't do it too soon. Like maybe another year? And don't do shit with them here, please. And have me meet them first?" I ask.

My mom nods. "I'll do anything to have my daughter back."

A tear falls from my eye and I hug her. "Did Ashton tell you to say all of this but actually do it?"

"Yeah," She laughs slightly. "But I'll do it all I promise." I laugh and nod. "He's a cute boy you know. Elli's got a boyfriend!" She sings.

"Mom!" I yell.

Ashton comes running up the stairs. "Elli's got a boyfriend and it's me!" He sings. I laugh as Ashton picks me up from the bench and I scream. He then kisses me and I blush and pull away.

Ashton sets me down and I hit him. "Your not supposed to do that in front of my mother." I mumble.

My mom laughs. "Do what? This?" Ashton asks as he bends down and kisses me again.

"Ashton!" I yell.

My mom burst out laughing. "Are you two hungry? I'll go make you some breakfast since you didn't go to school today." She says.

"Well come on it's Friday. I don't think Chloe went to school either." I say. "I don't think Luke, Calum or Michael did either."

"Who are they?" My mom asks.

"Luke, Calum and Michael are my friends. We're all in a band called 5 Seconds Of Summer." Ashton explains.

My mom nods. "So breakfast?" She asks.

Ashton and I nod and she smiles and goes downstairs to make breakfast. "I like your mom." Ashton says as he sits on my bed.

"I think she likes you too." I say. "Thank you for making everything better. I know you did most of the work."

Ashton smiles. "You know I'll do anything for you." I giggle and sit next to him. Ashton lays down on my pillow and pulls me close to him. I lay my head on his shoulder and he plays with my hand. "You know, I really like your room." He says.

"Thank you." I giggle. "When does the gig start?" I ask.

"I have to be there at six but it starts at seven." Ashton says. "You're coming right?"

I nod and then my mom yells from the stairs. "Get your lazy, school skipping, musician asses down here and eat your breakfast!"

Ashton and I laugh and walk downstairs. "Lazy, school skipping, musician asses? Yeah, I guess I am that." I say as I walk into the kitchen. I sit at the island in front of my plate and Ashton sits beside me in front of his. My mom stands infront of us on the other side and eats her food.

"You two have any plans for today?" My mom asks.

"I have a show at six with the band." Ashton says. "That's really it."

I nod in agreement with him. My mom nods and we all slowly finish our breakfast. My mom takes our plates and puts them in the dish washer. "We're gonna go back upstairs, okay?" I say.

My mom nods and Ashton thanks her for breakfast. Ashton follows me upstairs and as soon as I shut my door he picks me up and kisses me. I giggle against his lips as he spins me around and we both fall onto my bed. I laugh as I rest my head on Ashton's arm.

"You're beautiful." Ashton whispers.

I roll over and hide my face in his arm. "No I'm not." I mumble.

"Yes you are. You're the most beautiful girl in the world." Ashton smiles as he nussles his head in my neck. "More beautiful than ever." He whispers against my ear. I smile and curl into his chest.


I slowly put on my black blink 182 shirt and smile as I straiten my black skinny jeans and put on my white shoes. "Elli we have to go!" Chloe yells from downstairs.

I sigh and jog downstairs with my phone. I quickly hop into the passagers side of her car and Chloe gets in the drivers side. She drives to the small club by Calums house and we walk inside. As soon as I walk in I'm greeted by a hug out of no where from Ashton. I giggle and he kisses my cheek. Then the rest of the guys come over.

"I'm glad you came." Luke says to Chloe. Chloe blushes a little and I look at Ashton.

"Did you see that?" I whisper so only he can hear. He slowly nods and I look over at Michael and Calum they both smirk knowing what we both saw.

Calum nods. "They both like each other." He says so we have to lip read him.

I smile and then the guys have to go on stage. Ashton kisses me before he leaves and Chloe and I make our way to the bar. "What's up with you and Luke?" I ask.

Chloe looks at me and then blushes at the ground. "Nothing." She mumbles.

"Liar." I yell.

"Fine. I really really like him because he's really sweet and dreamy and so good at music and sexy and that lip ring. Oh god that lip ring. And we have a whole bunch in common and did I mention his lip ring?" Chloe says. "El, I don't know what to do."

I laugh. "Your going through what I went through with Ashton for the past like four years." I say. "By the way Luke looks at you, I can tell he likes you." I smile.

Chloe smiles a big smile. I laugh as the guys start to play and I watch Ashton play the drums. He looks like the most happiest person on the world when he plays the drums. I just love how he plays them and how it flows along with the guitars. Luke, Michael, and Calum all dance around on their guitars like they're ontop of the world.

After the set they all come off stage. The guys come over to Chloe and I and give us a big sweaty bear hug. I groan as I get out of the hug but Ashton traps me. He hugs me tightly and kisses me softly and slowly. Once we release from the kiss I look over at Chloe and Luke.

The next thing I see is Luke holding Chloe's arms and he crashes his lips against hers. "Oh my god!" I squeal.

"This is perfection." Michael yells in a girl voice.

I laugh and Chloe releases from the kiss. I watch Chloe as she blushes down at the floor. She's never been this happy in her life. Luke takes her hand and walks her outside so they can be alone. "Oh my god!!" I squeal.

"Oh my god!" Michael mocks me.

"Wait, does this mean that you and Ashton are together and so is Luke and Chloe?" Calum asks. I nod. "Michael, we need to get girlfriends!" Calum whines.

Ashton laughs and we all decide to go home. "Have Chloe drive to my house, we're all gonna hang out for the night okay?" Ashton says as he kisses me outside.

I nod and watch all the guys pile into Ashton's car. I jump in the passengers side of Chloe's car and then she starts to drive. "Go to Ashton's, they're all going there and Ashton wants us to come." I say. Chloe follows them and I can't help but ask. "Are you and Luke dating now?"

Chloe blushes and tries to look away but she has to keep her eyes on the road. "Yes," She smiles.

I laugh. "You two are gonna be the best couple."

"No, you and Ashton are, I see how he looks at you. Elli, he is drop dead in love with you." She says.

I blush. "But still, you and Luke will make a great couple." I smile. "Did I tell you? I didn't go to school today because Ashton and I went back to my house in the morning. We resolved things with my mom." I explain.

"So she's gonna be a mom to you now?" Chloe asks as we pull into Ashton's drive way.

I nod. "She said she's going to try as hard as she can. I just hope it works."

Chloe nods and we both walk inside Ashton's house. I feel myself being lifted up into the air and I scream. Ashton laughs as he holds me and jogs downstairs into his basement. I lean my head against his chest as he sits down and let's me sit in between his legs. Luke and Chloe then come downstairs and they both sit beside us. Calum and Michael sit in the middle of the room, playing FIFA on the xbox.

Ashton nussles his head into the crook of my neck and he softly kisses my shoulder. "Can we go to your house later?" He whispers so only I can hear.

I nod and intertwine my fingers with his. Ashton plays with my hands in my lap and every once in a while he'll kiss my neck softly.

After about two hours of playing the xbox and eating pizza and screwing around everyone leaves. "Wanna go to my house now?" I ask as I put the pizza box in the garbage.

"It's ten, I don't want to go now. It's too late, can you stay the night?" He smirks.

"Maybee." I tease. "But what will happen when my mom gets mad because my dirty clothes are on my bedroom floor?" I ask as I walk up to him.

"Well, she'll just have to get mad won't she?" Ashton smirks and he kisses me softy and slowly. I smile into the kiss and Ashton hugs me tightly. "Let's go upstairs." He whispers.

I nod and follow him upstairs. I sit on his bed when we walk in and Ashton comes over and kisses me. I lay down and Ashton comes over top of me and kisses me hardly. He slowly kisses down my neck and onto my shoulder. I feel my hands slide up his shirt and a soft moan escapes his lips as I slide my hands over his abs.

Ashton slowly takes off his shirt and I look at his chest and his abs in the moonlight. His muscular arms from playing the drum. He looks so god damn sexy. I slowly wrap my arms around Ashton's neck and kiss him softly and slowly. His hand slowly slides up the hem of my shirt and tence up a little. Ashton slowly removes his hand and kisses me. "It's okay if your scared." He whispers. "I am too."

I smile. I love how he understands and that he says it's okay. Ashton slowly lays down beside me and I kiss him once more. "Can I wear your shirt?" I whisper. "I don't wanna wear my jeans to bed."

Ashton smiles and nods. I quickly take off my shirt, leaving my tanktop on, and put on his. I straiten it out to make sure it goes to about my knees and then I kick off my jeans. Ashton laughs once I'm done. "You make a lot of noise." He says.

"Shut up." I giggle.

Ashton laughs and holds me tightly in his arms. He kisses me one last time before I fall asleep.

Hey, hey, hey. How is everyone?? Did you all like this chapter? I hope you did. If you don't like long chapters I'm sorry :P Love you allxx

~Lizzy a

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