I thought I was the shy girl in school. I always thought the guy I was head over heals for would never like me. I was the girl who no one talked to. The girl who was bullied. It all started since my dad died. But then he liked me.
And everything changed.


13. Piano


Elli's POV:

"Guess what." My mom says as I walk through the door.

I look at her confused. "What?" I ask.

"Brian's upstairs, putting your piano in your room." My mom smiles.

I smile and jog up to my room. I walk in and almost scream once I see the piano. It's all black and shiny. "Thank you so much." I smile at Brian. Brian smiles back and steps out of the room. I slowly sit down at my new piano bench, being extra careful. The piano is beautiful. I start to play a couple simple notes and realize it's perfectly tuned. They must of had it tuned while I was at school.

I begin to play I Miss You by Blink 182. I couldn't just sit here and play nothing. As I play I hear someone behind me singing. "Where are you, and I'm so sorry." I stop and turn around to see Chloe. "So, you like it? Your mom invited me over." She laughs.

"Chloe, this piano is amazing." I laugh. "It's perfectly tuned and is black like I wanted and just perfect."

Chloe laughs and takes a picture of me and my piano. "I'm sending this to Ashton." She laughs. "Hey, have you like planned anything for that college you got into?"

"Not really, they send another letter out at the end of the school year -like during the last week- that tells you what you need, and where you're dormed and where to go and stuff like that." I say. "I also kind of refused to think about it"

Chloe nods. "Well I already have planned what my dorm is going to look like. Well my half, I'm sharing a dorm with some Hailey girl." She frowns. "I guess she's nice though, I got her number."

"Let's just hope shes not as annoying as me." I laugh.

"Oh god." Chloe exclaims. "I would run away before that happened." She laughs.


"Ashton! I swear to god if you slam on those keys again I will kill you!" I yell at Ashton as he slams on my piano keys. "I will have to get it tuned again and it's going to be all your fault!"

"I love it when your mad." Ashton smiles as he turns away from the piano. I roll my eyes and sigh as I lay down on my bed. Ashton drives me nuts sometimes but I love him. Ashton climbs on the bed beside me and nussles his head inside of the crook of my neck. "You're beautiful." He whispers. I blush and turn my head and kiss him. Ashton smiles against my lips before he kisses me back and pulls me close to him. "It's Friday, what do you wanna do?" He asks.

"Nothing." I mumble.

"Well then. I'll just lay right here." Ashton says as he throws himself on my back.

"Ashton!" I groan into my pillow.

"Elli, its time for- oh, I'll just leave." My mom says from my door.

"No, stay here." Ashton says. "Your daughter right here, doesn't realize it's a Friday and that when it's Fridays she can't lay down all day in her bed." Ashton says as he sits on my back. I groan into my pillow and my mom just laughs. "Will you please tell her that she can't do this or I will tickle her and hack her phone."

"No you won't!" I yell. "I will throw you down the stairs." My mom laughs and I feel Ashton reach for my side. "Ashton, I swear I will kill you." Ashton ignores me and tickles my side. I scream and roll push him off of the bed.

"You two are something else." My mom laughs. "Dinner is ready, I made tacos, come down whenever."

I quickly race out of my room and down the stairs behind my mom. I feel Ashton behind me and I hurry into the kitchen. "You little-" Ashton giggles as he takes my hand.

"Little what, may I ask? You can't say bad words around my mom and Brian." I smirk. Ashton laughs and rolls his eyes. I laugh and quickly make my taco and jog upstairs with it Into my room.

I sit in the corner of my bed and eat as Ashton barges in my room. He sits down in front of me and puts sour cream on my nose. "Ashton." I whine. Ashton laughs and kisses it off.

"I love you." He says with his mouth full.

"You annoy me so much, but I love you too." I giggle.

Should I start writing a movella about Luke or Michael.. If I do I want it to be different than my other ones. If you want me to, make a request please on who it should be on. Love you allxx


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