I thought I was the shy girl in school. I always thought the guy I was head over heals for would never like me. I was the girl who no one talked to. The girl who was bullied. It all started since my dad died. But then he liked me.
And everything changed.


32. Our Special Night

Elli's POV:


Ashton watches me as I silently put my black and white dress on for tonight. We're going out to a fancy dinner with Chloe and Luke. "Can you zip it up for me?" I ask, looking at him in the mirror. Ashton smiles and nods, standing up. I watch him as he zips up my dress. His plain grey shirt with a black jacket on to match, he looks amazing. 


"You look so beautiful." He whispers, wrapping his arms around my waist from behind and planting soft kisses down my neck. I smile, intertwining my fingers with his and close my eyes. "I'm going to make this night special for the both of us." He whispers. 


"How so?" I smile, looking at him in the mirror and leaning against his chest. 


"Its a surprise." He smirks. "Lets go." 


I smile and grab my phone and Ashton follows me out into the hallway. "Who's this?" Someone asks behind me. I look to see my music teacher, Mrs. Shepard. 


"Oh, this is Ashton my boyfriend from back home." I smile. "Ashton, this is Mrs. Shepard, my music teacher. We were just on our way out to dinner."


"Its nice to meet you." Ashton smiles, shaking her hand.


"You too Ashton." She smiles. "Elli, I wanted to tell you that tomorrow you have a lesson, its the only way I'm going to be able to fit it in with me being gone next week and you here this week." She explains. 


"That's okay." I smile. "What time?"


"Normal time, one in the afternoon, Ashton can come if you like." She smiles. 


"Thanks, I'll be there." I smile. "I'm sorry but I really have to go, Chloe's going to be mad at us if we're late." 


"Oh that girl." Mrs. Shepard laughs. "Okay, bye!"


"Bye." Ashton and I both say before we walk outside to get a cab. 


"Do you want to come tomorrow?" I ask as we get into the cab and Ashton tells the driver where we're going. 


"Yeah, I think it'll be fun." He smiles. "We just can't stay up too late." He whispers in my ear.


I giggle softly and soon we're at the restaurant. I pay the driver and we meet Chloe and Luke by the doorway. "You're dress is so pretty!" Chloe says.


"Thanks." I laugh. "So is yours." I say looking at her light blue dress. I hold Ashtons hand as the waiter brings us to our reserved seats and I sit beside Ashton. I order a glass of water and look through the menu. "Hows it back home?" I ask.


"Calum's dating Riley from school." Luke explains. "And Michaels still Michael." 


I laugh. "But Michael likes someone I guess but none of us know who it is." Ashton explains. "So we think its a lie." 


"Michael's always gonna be Michael." Chloe says. "Just Michael."


I laugh and nod, taking a sip of my water, finding what I want on the menu. Ashton holds my hand under the table. I smile and fix my dress a little. "Are we doing anything after this or are we going back to the hotel?" Luke asks.


"Do you guys want to do anything? I wasn't planning on it." I say.


"I'm going back to the hotel, I know that for sure." Ashton says, placing his hand on my thigh. I smile and bite my lip as his fingers slowly move, sending chills through my legs and butterflies in my stomach. 


"Someone is getting laid tonight." Chloe laughs, looking at me and winking. She knows that Ashton's hand is on my thigh right now. I smile and laugh and then the waiter comes over to our table.


Ashton and I both walk into the elevator hand in hand. His bags aren't with him because he already checked in before we went out to eat. Chloe and Luke decided to walk a little around town since it wasn't extremely late yet.


"This night is going to be special." Ashton says, pulling me close to him after he presses the number for what floor he is on. 


"Is it?" I ask, smiling up and looking into his eyes. 


"It is, I even paid room service to make the room extra special for us." He smirks, kissing me softly. 


I smile and then the elevator door opens, Ashton picks me up and I laugh. "Ashton! What if people see us?" 


"I don't care." Ashton laughs, holding me bridal style while unlocking his door. 


I giggle as he sets me down, locking the door behind him and I turn around, looking into the room. The bed has white sheats and pillow cases with a black loose blanket folded up at the bottom of the bed. I smile at the little rose petals placed all over the bed and two white robes hanging on the wall by the bathroom door. The view out the window is amazing with all the city lights.


"Its beautiful." I whisper.


"You haven't seen the bathroom yet." He whispers and takes my hand, guiding me into the bathroom. Ashton walks infront of me, turning on the bath and the smell of vanilla fills my nose.


"You always loved vanilla scented candles." I smile and watch as he lights all the candles. 


Ashton smiles and nods, hugging me  tightly and kissing me softly and slowly. "Do you want to get in?" He asks. "I'll close my eyes as you get undressed, i just really want to take off your dress though." He whispers.


I smile and nod. "Then take it off." I whisper.


Ashton smiles, turning me around in his arms and softly plants a kiss on my shoulder, unzipping my dress as he does, letting it fall to the floor. He continues to kiss my neck and shoulder, making me close my eyes and relax. "Ill be out the door getting undressed myself. I'll wrap a towel around me." He whispers into my ear as he slowly runs his fingers along the lace waist band of my underwear. 


I nod and Ashton leaves the bathroom, shutting the door behind him. I smile and take off my bra and underwear, placing them with my dress and slowly get into the bath, letting the bubbles cover me. "I'm ready." I say loud enough for Ashton to hear.


I hug my knees in the water and watch as Ashton walks in with a towel wrapped around his waist. "Do you wanna close your eyes as I get in or watch me?" He asks.


I giggle and close my eyes as I hear Ashton's towel fall to the floor. I feel him get in behind me, slowly wrapping his arms around my waist. I open my eyes and lean back in his chest as he plants soft kisses on my neck. "Do you like it?" He asks, holding my hand under the water.


"I love it." I whisper. "Its amazing." 


I feel Ashtons smile on my neck and he slowly runs his hands along my arms, bring the water up on my shoulders and slowly beginning to rub my back. "You don't have to do this you know." I whisper. 


"I know but I want to." Ashton says. I smile and relax under his touch as he rubs my back, me hugging my knees, covering myself up. "I love you Elli Belly." He whispers. 


"I love you too." I smile. I love it when he calls me Elli Belly. Just the way he says it makes me happy. 


After about another ten minutes or so of being in the bath Ashton gets out to get our robes. He hands me mine, seeing me wrapped in a towel and smiles. "So sexy." He whispers before he kisses me. 


I giggle, putting the robe on and taking my towel off underneath it. Ashton takes my hand and pulls me close to him. "What do you want to do now?" He whispers, kissing the corner of my mouth and onto my cheek. 


"Anything." I whisper. "But I would really like it if it involved our robes off." I smile.


Ashton smiles, slowly leading me to the bed and lays me down, my head on the pillows. He climbs over top of me and slowly unties my robe, kissing up my stomach as he does. "You're so beautiful." He whispers against my chest, his hands sliding down my side and legs. 


I intertwine my fingers through his hair, relaxing underneath him. I pull him up to me and kiss him passionately. Ashton smiles into the kiss and continues kissing me back as he slowly takes off my robe, throwing it on the floor. I slowly untie his, feeling his chest and his abs for the first time in months. I missed this so badly. I take off Ashtons robe and he slides the black blanket over top of us. 


Ashton kisses down my neck and onto my chest and then down my stomach. I moan softly under his touch as he kisses all over me, his hand between my legs, making me moan. "Ashton," I whisper, pulling his lips back up to mine. "Just, just do it." 


Ashton smiles against my lips and slowly wraps my legs around his waist. "Okay." He whispers, kissing my cheek and my lips. Ashton leans his forehead against mine, looking into my eyes as he inserts himself inside of me. I let out a soft moan, looking up at him. Ashton smiles and kisses me passionately, beginning to move his hips.


I kiss Ashton back while moaning into the kiss as he thrusts a little faster. I wrap my one arm around his neck, intertwining my fingers through his curly hair. Ashton kisses down my neck, moaning against my skin. I wrap my hand around his bicep, digging my nails into his arm as he continues to thrust in and out, making both of us moan loudly. Ashton begins to move faster, making me moan loudly as I dig my nails into Ashtons back, feeling the blanket become more tangled with our legs. 


Ashton begins to go faster, moving as fast as he can and I can feel our skin moving up against each other more and more, our stomachs almost touching. "Ashton." I whisper between moans. 


"Yes baby?" He whispers kissing along my neck as he groans softly, continuing to thrust as hard and as fast as he can. 


"I can't, I can't last very much longer." I moan, wrapping my hands around his back. I can feel each mussel move as he thrusts. 


"Do it Elli." He whispers, wrapping his one arm around my back and pulling me up, creating more friction and making me moan more loudly, almost screaming. 


I moan loudly, feeling the heat rise in my core and I can't help but let go. I release and Ashton moans loudly as my legs give out, falling off of his waist. I feel Ashton release as he moans loudly against my collarbone, biting down a bit, making me moan. Ashton looks down at me, breathing heavily with a smile spread across his face. I smile up at him as I try to catch my breath. Ashton slowly lays down beside me on his side, facing me. I turn and lay on my side and smile, looking into his eyes. "I'm really going to miss that when I leave next week." He breathes out. 


I giggle and kiss his cheek softly, cuddling close to him. "I love you." I whisper.


"I love you too, so much Elli."

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