I thought I was the shy girl in school. I always thought the guy I was head over heals for would never like me. I was the girl who no one talked to. The girl who was bullied. It all started since my dad died. But then he liked me.
And everything changed.


3. Mom?

Elli's POV:

I groan as my alarm clock rings and turn over in bed. I reach over to shut it off and then get up. I really don't want to go to school today, I'll have to sit with the guys again and it's just going to be horrible. Chloe doesn't know anything unless Ashton told her. Oh god I hope he didn't.

I check my phone to see that I got ten missed texts from Ashton and two missed calls from him. I sigh and take a quick shower. I brush my hair and brush my teeth and then get out of the shower. I dry out my hair and put on my white beanie. I put on my bracelets and then my blink 182 shirt and my ripped skinny jeans. I quickly put on makeup and sigh as I put on my black combat boots and head downstairs. I grab a granola bar from the kitchen and start to eat it as I drive to school.

As soon as I get to school I see Ashton's car. I sigh and grab my leather jacket from the back seat and put it on. I can't believe that I'm actually going to school today. I take a deep breath before I get out of my car and start walking into school with my bag. I feel a tap on my shoulder and I jump and almost scream.

"Ashton," I whisper once I turn around.

"Elli, why did you leave last night?" Ashton asks.

I stare at the ground. "Ashton, you don't know how much of a fucking crush I have on you and probably most of the girls in this school do to. Then you probably find out somehow and then mess with them." I say.

"Elli, I don't do that and you know that." Ashton says as he takes my hand. He slowly bends down and kisses me and he intertwines our fingers together. I smile into the kiss and so does Ashton. "I like you." He whispers against my lips.

I smile and then pull away. "We have to get inside before Chloe gets here, she will make a big scene." I giggle.

Ashton laughs and we quickly get inside. "See you first class." Ashton says before he kisses my cheek and walks to his locker. I smile and blush down at the floor. I quickly walk to my locker so no one notices and I grab my books. I seriously can't stop smiling. I can't believe that Ashton Irwin, well now Ashton Fletcher Irwin, likes the shy Elli Marie Hall. I laugh and finish getting my books and shut my locker.

"What's your deal? Your never this happy in the morning." Chloe asks as she walks by me to her locker.

"You'll find out in our third class." I smile.

"Okay, so it has to either have science, the teacher, or anyone we know in that class. Got it." Chloe smirks.

I laugh. "Well I'm going to math, see you in art."

"Bye bitch." Chloe smirks.

"Bye bitch." I laugh as I walk away.

I walk into math and sit in the back corner like I always do. I begin to write down the notes on the board. I feel someone sit beside me and I turn to look. Ashton smiles at me and Calum holds up his hand. I high-5 him. "What was that for?" I ask.

"You two, duh." Calum laughs. "Do you seriously think I'm that of an idiot?" He asks.

"Maybe I do, you don't do well in this class." I smirk.

"Shut up." Calum laughs.

"Don't you be telling her to shut up." Ashton warns sarcastically. Calum laughs and we all finish taking our notes.


"Will you pleaseeee tell me why you're so happy?" Chloe asks as we sit down in our third class.

"You'll find out soon." I laugh. She wanted me to give her hints in art but I never did.

Just then Ashton comes in and walks over to me. "Hey beautiful," He says before he squeezes my hand. I smile and he walks over to his assigned seat next to Luke.

"No," Chloe whispers. "It seriously happened?" I nod. "You two, a couple? I want to scream."

"Well don't. You're gonna make a scene." I warn.

Chloe laughs. "I just can't believe it."

"Yeah, neither can I."

After science is over I start to walk to my locker. I get stares from everyone. "He's using you." Some girl says to me as as walks by. "It's not going to last." Another says. "Shy and popular, nice combo." Another one says.

Is Ashton really using me? He could be. A tear falls from my eye and I quickly wipe it away. I quickly get my books from my locker and put my other ones away. I quickly walk to my next class and dread lunch.


I sigh as I put my books in my locker. Ashton comes over and takes my hand. I look down at the ground and slowly release from his grip, not wanting too.

"El, what's wrong?" Ashton asks as he looks down at me worried.

"About five people today told me that you were using me." I say as I look up. "Is it true?"

"Elli, you know I would never use you." Ashton says. "They're just jellous, I bet you that they were all girls weren't they?" I nod. "Were they ugly?" Ashton smiles.

"One was actually pretty, the others somewhat." I say.

"Was the pretty one Siara?" Ashton asks. I nod. Siara is one of the sluts of the school but she's still pretty. "El, the night of the last gig we had, she tried to do it with me. She's mad because I told her off."

"Promise me Ashton." I whisper.

"El, I promise. I swear on my life that I would never ever use you." Ashton says and then kisses my cheek.

I smile. "Okay."

Ashton smiles and takes my hand. We both walk to lunch together and grab our food before we sit down at the table.

"So you two are a couple now?" Michael asks.

"Nope." Ashton says. I look at him confused. "I can just do this when ever I want." Ashton says sarcastically and then kisses me. I giggle into the kiss and then pull away.

"Smart ass." Michael says.

I laugh and I feel Ashton's hand under the table. He places it on mine and rubs circles with his thumb over my nuckles. I feel someone kick me under the table. "Chloe what the hell that hurt." I say since she is right across from me.

"What? I didn't kick you." She says.

I look over to Luke beside her, who is staring at his tray. "Seriously Luke?" I ask.

"It was meant for Ashton! We have another gig on Friday." Luke laughs.

"Where?" Ashton asks with his mouth full.

"The bar down the road from Calum." Luke says. "Are you and Elli going?" Luke asks Chloe.

"Yeah, if I don't have to drag her." Chloe says. I glare at her and she laughs. "Yeah, we're going."

Soon we all finish eating and Ashton walks with me to my locker. "Are you going to teach me more to She Looks So Perfect?" I ask.

Ashton smirks as I shut my locker. "Only if you want to." He says as he interlocks our fingers together and we start to walk to music.

"I would love to." I say as we walk into the class room.

After the teacher explains everything Ashton gets us both a box drum and I sit on mine. "Okay, do what we did yesterday." Ashton says.

I nod and try to do the first half of the first verse of the song. I struggle but then I get it down. Ashton teaches me the rest of the verse and by the end of class I have the first two verses learned.

After school ends I start to walk out to my car. "Want to come over?" Ashton asks as he walks with me.

"I can't, I have to practice a speech for that advanced class." I sigh.

Ashton shrugs and then kisses me. "Well then call me later." He smiles. I nod and he walks over to his car.

I drive home and unlock the door. I look around the living room and kitchen for my mom. I need her to see if my speech is alright.

I jog upstairs to see if she is cleaning. Nothing. I then hear something coming from her room. I walk over to her room and stand by the locked door. Tears fall from my eyes as I hear moaning from a guy and from my mom. I run downstairs and hop back into my car. I can barley see the roads from my watery eyes but finally make it to Ashton's house. I race to the front door and just stand there and sob. Ashton quickly opens the door. I fall into his arms crying and he carefully guides me away from the door.

He doesn't ask me any questions. He quietly guides me upstairs into his room and he sits on his bed. I sit inbetween his legs and cry in his arms. "M-my mom." I whisper.

"What happened?" Ashton mumbles against my neck.

"She- I went upstairs to find her and I heard her moaning and some guy moaning in her room." I cry at the end.

Ashton holds me tightly and rubs my arms for me to calm down. He places soft kisses on my forehead and I finally calm down. "She screwed another guy, Ashton. She knows what time I come home. She knows how hurt I would of been. So why did she do it?" I whisper.

Ashton sighs and kisses my forehead again. "I don't know El, I really wish I did, but I don't know."

HOLLY SHIT!!! Even I'm surprised c; Well, how'd ya like it the chapter? I hope you all loved it. I read it before I published it and I got the feels at the end. Is that weird? Haha. Love you allxx


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