I thought I was the shy girl in school. I always thought the guy I was head over heals for would never like me. I was the girl who no one talked to. The girl who was bullied. It all started since my dad died. But then he liked me.
And everything changed.


33. Lessons.

Elli's POV:

I slide on my grey skinny jeans and a black flannel. I leave my hair down and sit on the end of my bed as I put my shoes on. "Its going to be cold today." I say as I tie my converses. 

"I'll just wear your hoodie." Ashton laughs. I laugh. He's just wearing a t-shirt and jeans. "I'll be fine." He smiles and takes my hand after I'm done tying my shoes. "Lets go, I don't want you to be late for your lessons."

"Its gonna be boring for you." I say as we walk out of my dorm and down the hallway to go outside. "You're just gonna sit there and watch me play?" I ask  as we walk down the side walk, towards the extras building where the music room is.

"I like watching you play." Ashton smiles as he holds my hand. "Whos that?" Ashton asks as he points to some guy down the sidewalk.

"I don't know." I laugh. "Half the people here I don't know."

"Then whos that?" Ashton asks again, pointing to Julie whos walking down the sidewalk towards the building with the science room. She's probably going in the science room.

"That's Julie, she's kind of a nerd but she's nice. She's probably going to the science room." I say.

"​Oh," Ashton says. "Whos that?" He asks, pointing to another person. "And that person." He says pointing to someone else.

"Ashton I'm going to slap you." I laugh.

Ashton laughs and soon we reach the extras building. We walk up to the second floor to the music room. I walk in to see Mrs. Shepard playing a few notes on the piano. "Hello." She smiles as she sees us, and walks over to me. "All we have to do is practice more on that one piece."

"The hard one?" I ask, walking over to the piano. "Ashton, you can sit there." I say, pointing to the chair a couple feet from the piano.

Ashton sits down and Mrs Shepard nods. "You're playing it in the concert next month, you need to get this piece mastered." She explains.

I sigh and sit on the piano bench. I place the music in front of me, side by side so I don't have to turn any pages. I look over the music for a minute and forget that anyone is around me. I slowly begin to play. Its pretty easy during the beginning but when it gets louder and faster it gets harder. I concentrate as I play, letting the keys flow under my fingers, counting the notes in my head since I cant use my feet to tap the beat. I let my arms go across the keys as I play faster. I bang my fingers against the keys to make it louder, playing as fast as I can. And then, I stop.

"Why did she stop?" I hear Ashton whisper to Mrs Shepard.

I let my head rest against the piano and groan silently. "She can't get it fast enough." Mrs Shepard says.

"Five days a week I practice and I cant get it fast enough." I groan, running my fingers through my hair. I want to master this piece and I fucking cant. I cant master it, I cant do it and if I cant get it fast enough, I cant play it.

"Start at measure 80 and go from there, I know you can go faster than that, don't give up." Mrs Shepard says. I nod and look at my music again and start to play at measure 80. after a couple measures I start to play fast, faster than usual. I keep going, playing faster and louder. "You're almost there, just a little faster." Mrs Shepard says as she conducts in front of me. I look up at her for a moment and play to the beat of her arms until measure 120 and then I stop.

"Did I do it?" I ask, looking up at her as I crack my fingers, they kind of hurt.

"You did she smiles. We don't have to do it today but all you need to do now is tie it in with everything else." She says. I look over at Ashton to see him smiling. I smile back at him and Mrs Shepard sits down on another chair beside me. "Serious talk now." Mrs Shepard smirks.

'Oh no." I laugh.

"You two are getting married?" She asks.

I smile and look at Ashton. He smiles and nods. "Yeah, after college. I knew from the start that Elli would be the girl I was going to marry."

I smile and blush down at the floor. "I'm so happy for you two. Congratulations."

"Thank you." Ashton and I say at the same time. I smile and giggle softly.

"You two lovebirds get going now, Lilly should be coming soon." She says.

"Okay," I say. Ashton and I both get up and walk towards the door. "Bye!" Ashton and I say at the same time.


"Bye." She smiles as Ashton and I walk out of the room.

"You played amazing." He smiles as we walk down the flight of stairs and outside. 

"Thank you." I smile. "I was getting really frustrated though. That piece is really hard." I sigh and hold his hand.

"I know, I feel the same way for some of the pieces I have to play on the drums." Ashton says as we walk down the side walk. I see Collin walking towards us. "Whos that?" Ashton asks with a smirk on his face.

I really wished Ashton wouldn't have asked. Collin has this weird crush on me but he knows that I'm engaged to Ashton. I wanted to hide Collin from him. "No one." I mumble as Collin comes closer.

Ashton looks at me with concern and Collin comes up to us. "Hi Elli." He smiles.

"Hi Collin." I simply say. "Remember Ashton?" I ask. Collin nods, anger filling his face. "This is him." I say, holding Ashtons hand tightly, tighter than I ever have before.

"Hel-" Ashton says and then Collin cuts him off.

"This is the kid you're going to marry?" He asks, looking at Ashton up and down. Collin is skinny and just a little muscular, but tall. Ashtons about his same height but clearly stronger than Collin.

I bite my lip and nod. "Yeah, I really love him."

Collin looks at Ashton and then looks at me. "How could you love someone like him?!" And I see Collin move his hand and the cold win come rushing towards my cheek and warm knuckles against it, knocking me to the cold ground.  

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