I thought I was the shy girl in school. I always thought the guy I was head over heals for would never like me. I was the girl who no one talked to. The girl who was bullied. It all started since my dad died. But then he liked me.
And everything changed.


29. Goodbye

Elli's POV:

I slowly open my eyes and look at the clock. Its seven in the morning. My mom is going to want me home soon. She wants to take me out for a late breakfast before I leave.

I turn on my side to face Ashton. His hair is messy and his chest is bare. I slide my hand down his arm and move the hair from his face to wake him up. Ashton smiles as his eyes flutter open and he sees me.

"Good morning." He smiles.

"Morning." I smile. "My mom wants to take me out for breakfast before I leave." I say.

"That's okay. Do you have to get ready now?" Ashton asks.

"Probably." I sigh. "I don't wanna leave here though."

"I'll be at the airport." Ashton smiles. "How about I'll get you your favorite candy for the trip. A weeks worth of the stuff."

I giggle. "Okay."

Ashton smiles and kisses me softly. This kiss is different than any other kiss. It feels like we both think that its going to be our last kiss. Ashton slowly parts from the kiss but I hold him tightly.

"Kiss me again." I whisper, my eyes closed. "Please."

Ashton kisses me again. It's full of lust and passion , more than any other kiss. I forget about everything at that moment. Nothing in the world matters when I kiss Ashton. He makes it all better and I still don't know how.


"Promise me that you'll call me when you land." My mom says as she eats her food.

"I promise you. I promise that I'll get everything settled into my dorm and do all of my homework. I promise that I'll call you as often as I can and always make sure that Chloe and I take care of each other." I explain.

My mom smiles and takes a deep breath. "Don't cry." I whisper.

"I won't, I won't." She says.

"Ill be back in a couple months for the holidays. I promise." I smile. "Just remember. This is good for me."

"I know. Its not like you hate me or anything. I'm happy for you. I truly am." She smiles brightly.

"I love you mom." I smile as I look at her. I know shes happy for me but she just doesn't want me to get hurt.

"I love you too." She smiles, her eyes looking like a thin sheet of glass covered them.

"Its okay." I say and place my hand on hers. She looks up at me and takes a deep breath. She smiles and looks down at her phone for the time.

"Its eleven. We should go to the airport." She says. I look up at her and nod.

We both leave after paying the bill and I check my bags one last time in the car before we head to the airport. I stare out the window on our way there and I keep getting more nervous every minute we get closer.

Once we get to the airport it's a half hour before the flight takes off. My mom helps me carry in my bags and take them to the luggage area.

I find Chloe and the rest of the guys in the loading area but I don't see Ashton. "Where's Ashton?" I ask.

"I don't know, he should be here." Michael says. "He'll get here."

I sigh and nod. I know Ashton will get here. "We're going to miss you." Calum says and hugs me tightly. "You better call us too. Not just Ashton and Luke." He says to Chloe and I.

"We promise we'll call." Chloe laughs.

I bite my lip and then I see him. I smile brightly and I quickly walk over to him. "Elli, I'm so sorry." He says and hugs me tightly. "I got your candy and I was going to get you flowers but I knew you couldn't bring them on the plane and-"

"Ashton." I giggle. "Its okay. We still have twenty minutes before I need to board the plane."

Ashton smiles and kisses me slowly. His hands intertwine with mine as his forehead rests against mine. I look up into his eyes, they're red with tears falling from them. Seeing him cry makes me cry.

"Don't cry." He whispers.

"I can't help it." I whisper.

"Look at me." Ashton whispers and holds my face in his hands. "I love you to death. We will make this work. I'll fly up there anytime if I have to. You can text me any time of the day. It will be okay. I promise."

I wipe Ashton's tear away and I nod slowly as I cry. "Promise me. Promise me everything." I whisper.

"I promise everything." He whispers.

Ashton kisses me again. He pulls me close to him and hugs me tightly. We both know that this is the last time we would touch each other for two months.

Ashton holds my hand tightly and we both walk back over to Chloe and the guys. Chloe's balling her eyes out with Luke and Michael and Calum look upset too.

I hug both Michael and Calum tightly, promising them I'd call and text them.

I look at the clock to see that we have to board the plane in the next couple minutes. Ashton takes my hand and looks at me in the eyes.

"This is good for you. Its great. Don't get upset. Call me when you land, we'll skype and talk until I see you again in two months. Just remember, it may not be the same bed or same town we're falling asleep in, but it is the same sky we're falling asleep under. The same sky, stars, air. Elli, its all going to be okay." Ashton explains, crying through the whole thing.

I look into his glossy , beautiful eyes. "The same sky. The same sky." I whisper. "The same music we listen to, the same time, the same heart beat. It will be okay." I nod. Ashton nods and kisses me. He gives me the best kiss I've ever had in my life.

"I love you so much." He whispers.

"I love you to. So god damn much Ashton." I whisper and kiss him one last time.

I look up at Ashton. I have to leave now. "Good night messages, good morning messages, happy and sad messages, I promise. From here I'm going to do everything to make you happy."

"And I'll do everything to make you happy." I smile and kiss him hardly again. I give everyone one last hug and Ashton one last kiss before I take the candy from his hand.

"I love you." He whispers.

"I love you too." I whisper as I look up at him, tears streaming down my face.

"Goodbye, I'll see you later?" Ashton asks. His fingertips falling off mine.

"I'll see you later." I whisper and let his hand go.

I walk onto the plane then. Our last touch was that one touch on our fingertips. I'll never forget it.

Tears stream from mine and Chloe's eyes as we sit down in our seats. I keep thinking about what he said over and over in my head.

'We both will fall asleep underneath the same sky, the beat of our hearts will be at the same time, the same stars will be above us. We'll both listen to the same music to fall asleep.

I'll be able to do this. Chloe and I both will be. The guys know we will be able too. We can do it for them. For both of us.

We will be okay. Even if we are miles away.

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