I thought I was the shy girl in school. I always thought the guy I was head over heals for would never like me. I was the girl who no one talked to. The girl who was bullied. It all started since my dad died. But then he liked me.
And everything changed.


39. Final Day Before Break.

Elli's POV:


I can't help but smile as I roll my suitcases by my doorway, setting an extra coat on top of them. Tonight right after class I'm leaving to go back home. Chloe and I will stay for about a week after new years. Even though the boys will be back in school, it'll be nice since we can have more time with our family. I haven't even told my mum yet that we are staying an extra week. She'll be so excited, maybe even more than Ashton.


Making sure my jar of notes are in my suitcase, I leave the room with my books and head onto campus. I have piano lessons, math, and history today. I've been having piano lessons a lot lately since I wont be here. Lessons still go on during break but you're excused from them if you can't be here but I took them anyway. 


"Good morning Elli." Mrs. Shepard says as I walk into the music room. I smile, setting my bag down. "Are you leaving tonight?"


"Yeah, Chloe and I both get out at one today, the flight leaves at two." I smile brightly. "I can't wait to be home, and I promise I'll practice while I'm at home. I have a piano there."


"I hope you can practice, its fine if you cant but try to at least once or twice. You only have a rehearsal when you get back for the next show. You're playing for the chorus remember?" I nod as she speaks. I'm playing for the schools chorus when I get back. I only have one rehearsal with them and I can't mess up. By what I've heard, the chorus is the best in the country, so I really can't mess up. "You'll be fine though." Mrs. Shepard states. "You won't mess up, and in my opinion, if you do, it wouldn't matter. That chorus needs to mess up sometime or another, they can't be perfect."


I laugh and head over to the piano, taking out my pieces, waiting for Mrs. Shepard to tell me what to play. Today is going to be a long day. I want to be back home already.


"Elli come on!" Chloe squeals as we walk inside the airport. I laugh and shake my head. She's really excited. I'm not saying that I am not excited, I am, but Chloe shows it more and it is funny. 


Somehow we finally make it through security and let them take our bags. Security in an airport is horrible. I understand it but still. "Elli, when are they going to call the flight?" Chloe asks, checking the time on her phone. As soon as we get there we'll most likely go to bed when we reach home because it will be late. Also, a three hour flight drains you out. 


"They should be calling it any minute, turn off your phone." I sigh and after I speak I hear our flight number being called. Chloe jumps up and grabs my hand, dragging me to the entrance. "Here is our tickets." I smile at the lady who takes them. She takes them and points to the entrance. 


Following her directions, we walk onto the plane, sitting down in our seats. I take the window seat since Chloe does not like it. I look over to Chloe and I see her smiling brightly to herself and I can't help but do the same. This flight is going to be long, so why not be happy during it?


"Elli, Elli, Elli. We are here!" Chloe says as the flight lands. I smile and look out the window. It feels nice to be back home. It has been months since I've been back, and it feels good. Chloe and I walk out of the plane together and into the airport. "Where do you think they are?" Chloe asks. 


"They're in the lobby. We have to get our luggage and then go." I explain. Chloe sighs and we walk to the luggage area. I can feel the butterflies build up in my stomach as I find my bags. I feel like I have not seen my family in years. I miss my mom a lot, and I even miss Brian too. I miss Calum and Michael a lot too, even if they are sometimes dipshits. I laugh to myself and Chloe gives me a weird look which makes us both laugh. 


Chloe and I walk out into the lobby, looking around for everyone. I know Luke and Ashton will be here, and my mom, along with Chloes mum. The guys most likely won't be and I don't know about Brian. I see my mom first and I jog to her, dropping  my bags beside her and hug her tightly. "God Elli I didn't know how much I would miss you." She says, her voice muffled in my hair. 


"I missed you too." I whisper. "Don't tell Ashton, but Chloe and I are staying until a week after new years." I whisper.


My mom parts from the hug, smiling brightly and nods. She looks behind me and I turn to see Ashton, a bouquet of flowers in his hand. Smiling brightly, I walk up to him and immediately bring his lips to mine, kissing him softly but passionately, standing on my tiptoes. Ashton's arms wrap around me tightly and I feel the tears well up in my eyes. I part from the kiss and Ashton kisses my forehead as I fall back onto my heals. "The guys are excited to see you." Ashton whispers against my forehead. "They started yelling at Luke and I because they wanted you and Chloe back." 


I laugh and hug Ashton tightly. "Can you come back to the house when we leave here? I want you there." I ask softly, looking up into his eyes. Ashton smiles and nods and I gently release from the hug as Chloe comes over.


"I think my mom is more excited to see you than me." Chloe laughs, jokingly. I laugh and roll my eyes, heading over to Chloe's mom and Luke. 


"I missed you Elli." Chloe's mum smiles brightly. I smile and hug her, giving Luke a hug afterwards. 


"I missed both of you guys a lot." I smile. "Is it true Calum and Michael were yelling at you and Ashton?" I ask. 


Luke rolls his eyes and laughs. "They did it again yesterday." 


I laugh and after a minute of talking with Chloe's mom and Luke I feel Ashton's hand on my back and see my mom beside me. "I'm going to Elli's house." Ashton tells Luke. I watch as Luke nods, why was it so important to know that Ashton is coming over? Oh well, I just want to go home. 


All of us finally leave. My mom takes me and Ashton back to the house while Chloe's mom takes Chloe and Luke home. I look out the window the whole way back home, remembering all the roads and smiling brightly as we pull into the drive way. I quickly get out of the car, stealing my moms keys and unlock the front door. I smile as I walk in the house, jogging upstairs and into my room. The beautiful piano still there and my bed. Everything looks the same, just some of my posters are gone, along with my clothes. 


"Are you forgetting about someone?" I hear Brian ask behind me. I laugh and turn around, hugging him. "I missed you El."


"I missed you too." I smile. "The least." I joke. Brian rolls his eyes and laughs. 


I jog back downstairs and take some of my things from Ashton. I watch as my mom shuts the door and looks at Ashton and I. "Both of you upstairs and no lovey lovey. I know it has been a while but I swear to god if I hear-"


"Jesus mom, I'm not loud." I joke. Ashton looks at me with wide eyes and I can't help but laugh. Brian plugs his ears, walking away. 


"I wish you were eight and not eight-teen. And stop embarassing poor Ashton." My mom laughs. "But seriously, save the shit for Ashton's apartment if you are going to do it." 


I nod while laughing and drag Ashton upstairs, along with my bags. "Sometimes, I still don't understand your mom, and you." Ashton laughs. 


I laugh and shut the door behind me before I hug Ashton tightly, leaning my head on his chest. "But you love me." I giggle. 


Ashton giggles and I smile at his giggle. "Yes I love you Elli Belly." I look up at Ashton and he leans down to kiss my nose. "It sucks that you have to leave a couple days after new years." He sighs. I bite my lip, contemplating on if I should tell him or not. 


"Wanna know the real reason why I had so much work to do?" I ask. 


Ashton gives me a weird look. "Why? Elli you didn't do anything did you?" He asks, stepping back. 


I pull him back and laugh. "I had so much work because I wanted to stay a week longer after new years. Instead of two days after new years it will be nine days." I smile brightly. 


A bright smile spreads across Ashton's face and he kisses me deeply. "Oh Elli I love you." He mumbles against my lips. I smile against his as we kiss, standing on my tiptoes as I wrap my arm around his neck. Ashton picks me up, kissing me passionately. Ashton slowly kisses down my cheek and onto my neck. "You're so perfect." He mumbles against my neck. 


I smile and kiss Ashton softly again, whispering, "We have to go to bed remember?" I ask. 


Ashton laughs and nods, setting me down and I go over to grab a pair of pajama pants from my bag. "The guys are going to be really excited to see you tomorrow." He says while laughing. 


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