I thought I was the shy girl in school. I always thought the guy I was head over heals for would never like me. I was the girl who no one talked to. The girl who was bullied. It all started since my dad died. But then he liked me.
And everything changed.


36. Drunk Nights.

Elli's POV: 


"Don't even mention that. I don't want to think about it." Chloe says over the phone. I sigh and lean my head against the headboard of the hotel bed. 


"Its true though." I sigh. "They're leaving in two days." I hear the shower turn off and I hear Chloe sigh. I look at the clock to see that it's five in the afternoon. I sigh and close my eyes. 


"I know but we can't think about that right now Elli, lets just enjoy the last two days with them as best as we can and for Christmas we'll be there for a month." Chloe reassures me. Chloe always knows what to say to make me feel a little bit better. Whenever I'm upset about Ashton not being here, she makes me cheerful again and I do the same for when she's upset about Luke. 


"Okay," I say. "I'll see you tomorrow, I gotta go. Ashton is out of the shower." I say. Chloe and I say our goodbyes and I hang up the phone as soon as Ashton walks out of the bathroom door. 


"Hey beautiful." He says as he looks at me then drys his hair off with the towel. I smile and stand up out of bed and go over to hug him. I breathe in the fresh scent of the soap he used and I just hold him tight. I don't want him to leave. I feel Ashton kiss the top of my head and his arms wrap around me. "I know what you're thinking." He says softly. 


"What am I thinking of then?" I ask. 


"You're thinking of two days from now when I leave." Ashton says. I bite my lip and squeeze my eyes shut to keep from crying. "I know it's hard Elli but you know I have to. We'll make it through this and for the first year it will be really hard but it's worth it." Ashton explains. Ashton lifts my chin up to look at him and he holds my left hand. "And then, four years from now we'll be in a church or outside, wherever we are, and I'll say 'I do' to you and then kiss you in front of a hundred people to show how much I love you." 


I smile. "Promise?" I whisper, feeling my eyes water with happy tears. 


"I promise." Ashton smiles brightly and lifts me up. I giggle as he holds me bridal style and kisses me softly. "I'm gonna put a shirt on and then we can go do whatever you want." I nod and Ashton sets me down on the bed and he goes over to his suitcase to get a shirt. He grabs a grey sweater and throws it on. "What do you wanna do?" Ashton asks as he sits beside me on the bed and holds my hand. 


"I don't know." I sigh. I cross my legs and turn to face Ashton. "What do you wanna do?"


"We can get drunk and have a paint fight." Ashton giggles. 


I roll my eyes. "Ashton how on earth would we do that, without making a mess too." I laugh. 


Ashton shakes his head, laughing. "I don't know unless you have a huge closet that we can put plastic over, but then we won't be able to drink at the college." Ashton sighs. 


"We could just get drunk in here." I say. "And buy candy and cake to smash in each others faces." I giggle. Ashton looks at me with wide eyes and nods eagerly. 


"That's perfect. Get you're shoes on we're going to the store." He says. 


I set the last bag on the floor beside the hotel bed. "Are you surprised too that they let us pass with orange juice, vodka, and a bottle of fireball?" I ask.  


"I'm surprised they did." Ashton laughs. "It's seven now," he explains as he hangs the 'do not disturb' sign on the door. "Wanna start drinking or start drinking at nine or ten?" 


"Nine or ten." I say. "We don't have enough to last until then." I laugh. "What exactly did you get for cake and candy?"


"Well," Ashton says, holding out the L as he sets the bag on the bed. "I got you're favorite cupcakes," Ashton says as he takes out the box of cupcakes. They're the small ones that I love, perfect to eat in one bite. "then I got two cans of spray whipped cream, then for candy I got M&M's, fruit gummies because we gotta be healthy right? And last but so not least, skittles and gummy worms." Ashton smiles brightly as he finishes and I look at all the food and candy scattered out on the bed. 


I smile and take Ashtons hand. I look up into his eyes and I can't help but smile. "I love you." I whisper. "I love how cute you get when you're excited. I love how excited you are about this and I love how you remember just the simplest things about me like how I loved those cupcakes. I love you." I explain, softly and Ashton smiles. He doesn't speak, he says it all with his eyes and his smile and then his lips as they hit mine. My eyes close and I kiss him deeply. I feel his arms wrap around my back and rest there until we both part from the kiss.


"I love you too." Ashton whispers against my lips. "Let's make a playlist while we wait." He smiles. 


I feel the cold alcohol sting down my throat and I scrunch my nose. I've already drank a cup of vodka and orange juice and I already feel like I'm drunk. That last shot of Fireball hit me. I laugh uncontrollably as Ashton just stares at me, laughing. "I-I wanna cupcake." I laugh and find the box of cupcakes. I take a sprinkle off of the purple frosting and place it perfectly on Ashton's nose. "Cutie." I giggle. 


Ashton laughs and I feel him smash the cupcake in my face. "I was gonna eat that!" I exclaim, laughing and poking at my cheeks to feel the frosting. 


"Here." Ashton says, holding out another cupcake to me. I giggle and take it and shove it in my mouth. wrapper and all. "Jeeze Elli." Ashton laughs and sticks his fingers in my mouth to pull out the wrapper.


I laugh and I get out a can of whipped cream. I spray it all over Ashton's hair and he laughs uncontrollably. I laugh as he takes the other can and sprays it on my nose. I giggle when he sprays it on because it tickles and Ashton pulls me close to him. I close my eyes as he licks the whipped cream off my nose. I smile and look up into his eyes. I can smell the alcohol in our breath and I can't help but smash my lips against his. My eyes close and my arms make their way around Ashton's neck. Our lips fit together perfectly like a puzzle.


The music continues to blare through the speakers but all I can think about is Ashton. I feel his lips against my cheek, kissing off the purple frosting and I can't help but laugh a little. I take the can of whipped cream from beside me and spray it on his forehead. Ashton laughs and leans his forehead against mine, smearing the whipped cream. He takes the can from my hand and takes the bag of skittles. 


"Let me decorate you." He laughs. I giggle and I watch as he sprays the whipped cream on my chest, down my arms and on the top of my head. He sets the can down and opens the bag of skittles with his teeth, spitting the wrapper on the floor. He takes a handful of skittles and sticks them on all the whipped cream. 


"Ashton this is definitely going to ruin my hair!" I yell, still laughing. 


"Shh, we can take a shower after this just let me finish." He says, going back over to the bed to get the gummies. "Gotta be healthy right?" He laughs and places a couple gummies on the top of my head. "Finished." He says and takes a step back, laughing. I spin around for him to see his masterpiece. "Perfect." He says. 


I laugh and lick some of the whipped cream off of my arm. "Tasty." I giggle. "You did a wonderful job, now can I ruin it in the shower?" I ask. I look down at where he put it on my chest. "Dammit Ashton I have to stay in my clothes in the shower? Who does that?" I laugh. 


"Us." Ashton laughs and he picks me up. I squeal as he carries me into the bathroom. He sets me down in the shower and I watch as he turns on the warm water. I close my eyes as it hits my head and I don't move. The warm water surrounds me, soaking my hair and my clothes. I feel Ashton stand in the shower behind me and his hands rest on my arm. His soft, warm lips connect to my neck and I lean into him. 


The warm water surrounds us and all we do it stand there. We stand there with his soft lips on my neck or his lips on mine and somehow I realize that our clothes came off in the process. 





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