I thought I was the shy girl in school. I always thought the guy I was head over heals for would never like me. I was the girl who no one talked to. The girl who was bullied. It all started since my dad died. But then he liked me.
And everything changed.


12. Crazy Nights and Lazy Days

Elli's POV:

"Elli, what's that on your arm?" Calum asks as he looks down from the game. I look at my arm and gulp. My scars are showing. I bite my lip and Ashton looks at my arm.

"What happened?" Michael asks as he looks. One cut is scabbed over while there are other scars around it. I bite my lip. I don't know how to explain. I don't know how to tell them. They'll probably hate me and not want to be my friend anymore.

"Elli's like me." Ashton says.

"What do you mean?" Luke asks. "How does her arm- oh." Luke says as he realizes that I cut too.

"I'm sorry." I mumble. I stare down at the floor and Ashton bends down and takes my hand. They probably hate me now. I'm still trying to stop cutting, there are just some days where it all really sucks and I do it. Chloe looks at me and smiles. She knows about it and how I've been hiding it from the guys. She's probably happy that it's finally out.

"Well, I hate to break it to you Elli, but we still love you." Calum smiles. I take a deep breath a smile at Calum. Ashton rubs his thumb over my fingers.

"You're at least trying to stop right?" Michael asks.

I nod. "Yeah, I am. I promise."

"Well, we all love you Elli. We accepted the fact that Ashton did it, and we will accept yours." Luke says. "We like you more anyway." He whispers. Ashton slaps him across the head and I laugh.


Ashton takes my hand as we walk through his apartment door. Once he shuts his door and locks it he pulls me into chest. "I'm glad you told the guys." He whispers. I smile back at him. I'm glad I did too, there isn't really anything to hide now. "It's midnight." He whispers as he looks at the clock. "I'm not tired.

I giggle softly. "Neither am I." I smirk. Ashton smirks and kisses me hardly. He slowly unzips my jacket and throws it on the kitchen counter. He bends down and rests his hands on my theighs as he picks me up. I giggle as Ashton chuckles into my shoulder as he carries me into his room.

Ashton throws me on his bed and climbs over top of me. "So." Ashton mumbles into my neck as he kisses along my shoulders. "What do you wanna do?"

"This." I whisper as I kiss him hardly. Ashton smiles against my lips and I feel his hands start to slide up my shirt. I allow him to take it off, leaving me in my bra. I tug at Ashton's shirt and eventually pull it off. As Ashton kisses down my neck, I rub my hands all over his chest, making him moan softly.

A soft moan escapes my lips as Ashton kisses my sweet spot. He starts sucking on it and I moan as I tug on his hair. Ashton kisses me hardly and my fingers run through his hair. I slowly start to unbutton his skinny jeans as he kisses me. As Ashton kicks his pants off he slides off mine. He softly kisses along my bra line and slides his hands up and down my sides. As Ashton kisses me I slowly slide my hand down his abs and onto the hem of his boxers.

"Elli." Ashton mumbles against my lips. "Stop teasing." He softly whines. I smile and kiss him harder. He's practically begging. I slowly slide my hand down his boxers and rub him slowly. Ashton finally takes off his boxers and takes off my underwear. One of Ashton's hands stay on my waist as the other steadies himself above me.

Without warning Ashton thrusts fully inside of me and I moan. He starts moving his lips faster and faster as he thrusts and I start to moan loudly. I move my hips along with his and moan into his neck. Ashton moans against my cheek and he rests his head against mine as he keeps thrusting. I moan against Ashton's lips as I wrap my legs around his waist.

Ashton and I both moan loudly and I feel Ashton's body start to relax. He breathes heavily against my neck as I rest my lips against his cheek. He kisses me hardly as he takes himself out of me and lays down beside me. Ashton pulls me close to him as he wraps us tightly in the blankets. "Happy birthday Elli." He mumbles against my ear. I smile and kiss him softly.


I feel the bed beside me dip as my eyes flutter open. Ashton's arm snakes it's way around my waist and his lips rest on my neck. "Good morning beautiful." He says in his morning voice.

"Good morning." I giggle. I quickly roll over as I feel a wet tongue on my face. I laugh once I realize it's Rue. I pet her as she lays on my stomach.

"Do you think she knows what we do?" Ashton asks as he pets her. "We're really loud." He laughs.

I laugh. "I can't believe you would ask that."

Ashton laughs and I stare at him and laugh. "It's an honest question though. Does she like think something's wrong?"

I shake my head and laugh. I can't believe he's wondering about this. I pet rue and laugh to myself. "She doesn't bother us. I guess she knows we're having fun." I laugh.

Ashton laughs and pulls me closer to him. "Remember when you first came over?" He asks. I remember that day. Ashton got rue that day and we named her. "We kissed that day." He whispers. "And then to got so embarrassed and left."

"I was not." I giggle and feel my cheeks flush.

"Oh yes you were. Don't deny it." He laughs. I roll my eyes. "Do you wanna have lazy day today?" Ashton asks. "And you can stay again, and I'll drive us to school tomorrow." He asks.

"That's sounds nice." I smile. Rue barks loudly and softly bites my hand. "Looks like someone's hungry." I laugh. Rue jumps on Ashton and Ashton groans. "Looks like you have to get up." I smirk.

"I'm naked." Ashton says. "Do you want me to get up?"

"You're that lazy to not put your boxers back on?" I ask.

"Hey hey hey, you do that too. Sometimes you don't put your clothes back on. So don't blame it all on me." Ashton defends.

I shake my head and get out of bed. I quickly throw on Ashton's shirt and walk out into the kitchen to feed Rue. I rummage through Ashton's kitchen to find something for breakfast, and finally find some yogurt. Ashton then comes out of his room in a pair of sweatpants and tosses a pair to me.

"You look so sexy in my clothes." He smiles as he gets a bowl of cereal. I laugh and quickly pull on the sweatpants and get myself a bowl of yogurt. "Are we gonna go anywhere today, or are we just staying here all day?" He asks. "It's up to you, because it's your birthday weekend." He smiles.

"Let's stay home then, we can do whatever we want all day." I smile.

Ashton smiles. "Anything?" He asks with his mouth full of cereal. "Can we cuddle all day?" He asks. I smile and nod. Ashton smiles and kisses me softly before he picks me up. I scream as he runs into his room and we both fall onto the bed. We both laugh and eventually Ashton and I get back under the covers. "We're so lazy." He says as he pulls me closer to him and rests his head in the crook of my neck.

I giggle softly and kiss his cheek. "My wonderful Elli." Ashton sings into my neck. "You're beautiful."

I smile and Ashton kisses me slowly. I love how he can do this. Make me feel so special and loved at any moment. "I love you." I mumble into his lips as we kiss.

Ashton smiles against my lips. "I love you more." He mumbles before he kisses me harder. A soft moan escapes my lips as Ashton straddles me onto the bed, pinning my arms back with his hand. "I love our version of cuddling." He mumbles into my neck. I giggle softly and Ashton lets my hands free, while he is still over top of me.

Ashton softly bites my bottom lip, begging for an entrance. I part my lips and his tongue explores every part of my mouth. I run my fingers through his curly hair and softly tug on it. Ashton slowly starts to kiss down my neck. I watch his back as it flexes as he breathes and moves back and forth. I moan as Ashton kisses my sweet spot and his hand slowly slides up my shirt as I slide my hands down his abs. "You tease me so much." Ashton mumbles against my neck. "I'm going to tease you."

Ashton sucks on my sweet spot and a moan escapes my lips. I bring his lips to mine and he kisses me hardly as his hands slide up my shirt and he eventually takes it off. Ashton slowly starts to grind on me through our sweatpants. "Ashton." I mumble against his lips, knowing that I can get all of my pleasure through this. Ashton smirks and kisses down my stomach and onto the hem of my pants, making my hips rise.

"Beautiful." He sings against my skin as he kisses his way back up to my lips. "How does it feel to be teased?" Ashton asks.

I giggle softly. "I see what you go through when I tease you. It doesn't mean I won't stop though." I smirk. Ashton looks at me like he's shocked and then he grinds on me again. "Ashton." I softly moan.

"I won't stop then either." Ashton smirks.

I giggle. "Can we cuddle now?" I ask. "Real cuddling?" Ashton smiles and lays beside me. His arms wrap around my waist and he buries his head into my shoulder, placing a soft kiss there.


"Mr. Irwin and Mr. Hood, would you like to share what you are talking about with the class?" The math teacher says, catching Ashton and Calum taking. I laugh to myself and Ashton gives me a small glare.

"No, we're sorry Mr. Montgomery." Calum says. I laugh and bite my lip from laughing and Ashton kicks my leg from under the table. The teacher continues on with the class until the bell rings.

"You need some laughing help." Ashton says as he takes my hand. I roll my eyes and head towards my locker.

"You two need to stop talking in class." I smirk. Calum sighs and walks over to his locker. "Will you take me home today?" I ask Ashton. "I don't wanna bother Chloe, because I don't have my car."

"It's your fault for agreeing on spending the night at my place again." Ashton defends. "I'll take you home." He laughs. I laugh and he kisses my cheek before I walk off to my next class.

I hope you all liked this chapter. I know it kind of sucks, but hey, better than nothing right? Love you allxx


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