I thought I was the shy girl in school. I always thought the guy I was head over heals for would never like me. I was the girl who no one talked to. The girl who was bullied. It all started since my dad died. But then he liked me.
And everything changed.


22. Clubbing


Elli's POV:

"What are you doing for Luke's birthday?" I ask Chloe. Luke's birthday is tomorrow and Chloe still doesn't know what to do.

"We should just go out to a club. Fuck it." She says as she shoves a spoonful of ice cream into her mouth. "I'll have sex with him afterwards at some hotel."

I laugh. "Where are we going to get fake ID's though?" I ask. "His birthday is tomorrow, we need them soon."

"I think Michael knows where to get some." She says. I nod and continue eating my ice cream.

"Luke and Ashton are here!" My mom yells from downstairs. Just then my door swings open and Ashton and Luke come in.

"Did we crash the party?" Luke asks as he sits beside Chloe on the floor.

I scroll through google on my laptop. "Nope." I say.

"Why are you looking for fake ID's on google?" Ashton laughs as he sits beside me on my bed.

"I wanna take Luke out to a club tomorrow for his birthday. And the rest of the guys and El are coming." Chloe explains. "And we need fake ID's for this."

"Michael knows where to get some." Luke says. "I already have one, so does Calum, Ashton, and Michael."

"Ashton said he didn't have one." I say as I look at Ashton.

"I didn't want to bother Michael that night to get you one." Ashton says. "So we just went to the beach remember?" He says.

"Yeah, I remember." I say and continue looking through google. "Did you know that the piano is known as 'The King of Instruments'?" I ask.

Ashton lays down on his stomach and takes my laptop from me. "You said that the other day." He laughs.

"I know." I say. I watch as Ashton goes on my twitter account. "No, you are not hacking my account!" I say as I lay on his back.

"If you two start having sex, I swear to god I'll get you so trashed tomorrow night that you'll end up streaking down the road." Luke says. I laugh into Ashton's back.

"And then like, I would streak past Elli's house and make her mom come outside." Ashton says. "And then she would kill me."

I laugh and sit on his back. "Please don't end up screwing up there, I don't want to see Ashton naked." Chloe says.

I laugh and lay beside Ashton. "I do." I whisper into his ear.


I wake up with my head on Ashton's arm. I look up to see him leaning up against the headboard, watching tv. "Did I use you as a pillow?" I ask.

"Yeah," He smiles. "I didn't want to wake you up so I went on Netflix." He says.

I smile and sit up. I look over to see Chloe's beanbag on the floor. Her and Luke left last night before Ashton and I went to bed. I lean over Ashton and grab my phone. "Did you text Luke 'happy birthday' yet?" I ask.

"Yeah." Ashton says as I send Luke his 'happy birthday' message. "We're meeting everyone at the club at nine. Michael has fake ID's for you and Chloe."

"Okay." I say. "Do you think Brian told my mom about the beer?" I ask.

"Has she yelled at you or Brian at all?" Ashton asks. I shake my head. "Then I don't think so."

I laugh and lean my head against his shoulder. I look at the clock to see that it's already noon. I look up at Ashton and stare at his messy hair. Just then I hear a knock on my door and I hide under the covers.

"Good morning?" I hear my mom say as my door opens.

"I didn't do anything." I mumble under the covers. I hear my mom laugh and Brian come to the door. Ashton pulls me out from under the covers and I smile at my mom and Brian.

"This only makes me think you two did do something." My mom says and leans against the door frame. "I can't believe I let you two sleep in the same bed." She says and shakes her head.

Brian laughs. "Are you two doing anything tonight for Luke's birthday?" He asks.

"Yeah, we're going to Luke's house." Ashton lies. Brian nods and I can tell that he knows Ashton's lying.

I smile and my mom nods. "Well it's like noon so get up and get dressed. I know I'm nice but you're not laying in bed all day."


"Why is my name on here Rose Hearts?" I ask, laughing as I show Ashton.

"Mines Lilly Rose." Chloe laughs. "Whoever made these sure loves flowers and hearts."

"Well," Michael laughs. "I don't have an excuse."

"Come on, let's go." Calum laughs. "We have to get Luke wasted tonight."

"What did I get myself into?" Luke groans as we walk into the club. I look around to see a whole bunch of people dancing and drinking. It's pretty packed. Well, I can't be surprised, it is a Friday.

I immediately walk towards the bar and get some fruity margarita. "No, no, no, fuck the margarita." Ashton says. "I'm getting us all shots."

I watch as the shots are poured. Once they're all poured we take them. I feel the liquid sting my throat as it goes down. I watch as Chloe and Luke go over somewhere to dance and Michael and Calum roam somewhere else. I take a long sip of my margarita, already feeling the alcohol get to me, and look at Ashton.

"Come on, let's go dance." Ashton smiles as he takes my hand. He guides me over to the dance floor and wraps his arms around my waist. I wrap mine around his neck and smile. "You look sexy in that dress." Ashton smirks.

I look down at my dress. It's a simple, tight, black dress with cross straps on the back. "You're lying." I say as I look back up at him.

"No I'm not." Ashton smiles and we slowly rock back and forth.

I look over and find Calum in a corner, sucking off someone's face. "Look," I say as I point towards Calum. Ashton laughs.

"Should we ruin it?" He asks.

"No." I laugh. "Let him hook up with her."

Ashton laughs and somehow we make our way back to the bar. I order another drink and so does Ashton. "Elli!" Chloe yells from behind me. I turn around to see that she is completely drunk. It's barely been an hour since we've came here. "Do you have a condom?" She giggles into my ear. "Incase Luke doesn't have one."

I laugh and look at Ashton. "Do you have a condom for Chloe?" I ask. Ashton looks at me for a second and then laughs as he digs one out of his pocket and hands it to Chloe. Chloe giggles and then runs back off to Luke.

"Are we the only ones who aren't completely drunk?" Ashton asks.

"I think you are. I'm almost there." I laugh and take a sip of my drink. "Yep, I'm there now."

Ashton laughs and brings his lips to mine. "I love you." He smiles against my lips. I can taste the vodka and whiskey radiating off his lips and it makes me want to kiss him more.

"I love you too." I smile.

So I have a question for you guys.. I've gotten a request to have Elli and Ashton get married. Should I do that? I mean I know they're young but it's like obvious that it should happen. It's such a hard decision and I don't know if you guys would want it to happen so I really need your option. Love you allxx


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