I thought I was the shy girl in school. I always thought the guy I was head over heals for would never like me. I was the girl who no one talked to. The girl who was bullied. It all started since my dad died. But then he liked me.
And everything changed.


40. Back Home.

Elli's POV:


"Do you need a coffee pot in your dorm?" My mom asks as I poor myself a cup of coffee. 


"Yeah, I do need one but you can't bring a coffee pot on the plane." I laugh, adding a few scoops of sugar and some milk to my coffee. Ashton laughs beside me and I turn around, facing everyone. 


"Oh." My mom laughs, taking another sip of her coffee. 


I shake my head, laughing. "Anyways, are we doing anything special today?" I ask. 


"I told Ashton that he has you today." She smiles, "You can go anytime." She says. 


I look up at Ashton and smile before I carefully jog upstairs with my coffee in my hand. Digging out a pair of pants from my bag, Ashton comes in my room and shuts the door behind him. "Elli Belly is excited." He laughs, bending down and kissing my cheek. "Go on, take a shower, I'll pick out your outfit after I get changed."


"Ashton you will choose something that doesn't match. Probably my blue shorts and a purple flannel!" I yell as I get up. I have never let Ashton choose my outfit before but I know he will mess it up. 


"It will just be black skinny jeans and a t-shirt. I will throw them in the bathroom before you get out of the shower." Ashton says, shooing me towards the bathroom. I sigh, quickly grabbing underwear and a bra before shutting the bathroom door behind me. 


I turn on the shower, watching the hot water steam up the room as I take off my clothes. I hang a towel beside the shower and get in, immediately scrubbing my body down with soap. I do not know why but I want to be clean, extra clean, and extra pretty today. After a few minutes, I hear the bathroom door open and the button from my jeans hit the tiles of the bathroom floor. Then the door shuts and I finish washing my hair. Shutting the water off, I wrap myself in a towel and brush out my hair before getting dressed. 


"We're going to Michael's house first." Ashton explains, "Then I am taking you out for an early dinner." I smile and laugh a little to myself. I know as soon as I step into Michael's house I am going to be bombarded with hugs. I bet Calum and Luke are going to be there too, along with Chloe. However, I don't want Ashton taking me out to eat, he does not have to. 


"You don't have to take me out to eat." I say softly, looking at him as he drives. Ashton smiles and quickly kisses my cheek before a stop light turns green. 


"I want to, and you are going to like it." Ashton smiles, I laugh and so does he. I hold his hand for a moment before we pull into Michaels drive way. I see Luke's car so I know Chloe and him are here. Ashton and I both get out of the car and he opens the front door to Michael's house for me, letting me in first. 


"Elli!" I hear someone scream and all I see is a flash of green and black before I get tackled with hugs. I laugh uncontrollably and hug Michael before I hug Calum. "We missed you and Chloe so damn much!" Michael yells. I laugh and see Chloe come over. 


"The same thing happened to me El, don't worry." She laughs. I feel Ashton's arm wrap around my side and I gently lean into him. We follow Michael downstairs and I sit on the couch beside Chloe. Calum gets out the Xbox controllers and motions to Chloe and I but I shake my head, letting him give them to Luke and Ashton. Ashton sits in front of me, beside Luke who sits in front of Chloe. "Boyfriends." Chloe laughs, half sighing and I laugh with her as I fiddle with Ashton's curly hair. 


"Pretzles and peanut butter?" Michael asks Chloe and I. Chloe and I both nod. We both love pretzles and peanut butter, we ate it together when we were young. I think her mom got us hooked on it, I don't remember. I remember once I dropped a big glob of peanut butter on her bedroom floor though and her room smelled like peanut butter for a week. Chloe's dog would always lick the floor where it was. 


"Luke I got your fucking girlfriend pretzles and you fucking started the game without me." Michael yells as he comes in with a bag of pretzles and a jar of peanut butter. I hear Ashton laugh and watch him kill Michael in the game as Michael hands us the pretzles. 


"Fuck you Ashton." Michael mumbles before he grabs his controller. 


"I think Elli already does that for you." Calum says. 


"Calum!" I yell and throw a pretzle at him with Ashton laughing in front of me.


"Ashton's laughing because you both know it is true." Calum laughs, throwing the pretzle back at me. 


"In bed Ashton probably says 'Oh fuck Elli Belly'." Luke laughs, Chloe laughs beside me and pokes my side. 


"Okay, okay." Ashton laughs and touches my hand, telling me it is okay. 


For a couple hours we just sit and talk, occasionally someone handing the controllers to me and Chloe. I love that I can just hang out with everyone like this. I am going to miss it when I go back to college though.




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